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What will take to bring about justice in Sri Lanka?

25th July, 2010

Good Day, Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Subramanian Masilamany, I am a Tamil, and my mission is to bring about justice in Sri Lanka.

Today my subject is going to be what will take to bring about justice in Sri Lanka? Will it be economic sanctions against Sri Lanka or will it take a Tamil president to bring about justice in Sri Lanka?

After 60 years of experiencing violence against my people, I decided that I should do my duty to bring about awareness among the people of world . Tamils are a numerical minority in Sri Lanka, only about 12% of the population. Then why should the Singhalese unleash violence and atrocities against a minority population? Why should the Singhalese politicians and religious establishment force the Singhalese to terrorize the Tamils? Can the world come to grip with what I am saying? How can a minority of people be a threat to a majority of people? The government is Singhalese, The people are Singhalese, the economy and natural wealth are in the singhalese areas, then why there is violence against the Tamils?. When asked the Singhalese why do you fear and hate Tamils? There is no answer.

I think the reason is to drive all Tamils out and make Sri Lanka a secular Buddhist state. The religious establishment is the cause of this Diaspora, Destitution and Death of Tamils. The Mahavamsa, an agenda similar to Hitler’s Mein Kampf is the fundamental cause of this calculated holocaust. Mahasangha an organization with Mahanayake as the head was set up to implement the agenda of the Mahavamsa. The governments are chosen by the Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes and are voted in by the people. It is suspected that by the year 2020 the non singhalese people will have no representation in the parliament. Colonization of Tamil areas are undertaken in massive scale to increase the singhalese population to more than 50%. In the last 60 years this has been the major theme of Sri Lankan ideology. Sri Lanka is not ready for modern politics.

On the other side the world nations are not willing to support the Tamils for an armed resistance. Therefore the only avenue opened to us is in the socio-political and socio- economic arena unless we pursue an agenda similar to Israel. South Africa was able to liberate it self through economic sanctions. There are at least three ways we Tamils can impose economic sanctions.

Number one, as Tamils we must boycott Sri Lankan foods and goods. As I walk through the Tamil owned retail outlets I see Sri Lankan products made with Tamil blood. We are not asking you to starve but to change your taste buds. My dear friend every thing has a price and freedom is the most expensive, are you ready to pay the price?

We request our Tamils, who love our motherland; please do a small favour, kindly do one or more the following

1. Do no import goods from Sri Lanka2. Do not send money more than what is required
3. Boycott Sri Lankan products
4. Do not export to Sri Lanka5. Do not travel to Sri Lanka unless it is urgent and unavoidable.
6. Produce Sri Lankan goods locally
7. Educate your co-workers, friends and neighbours about the atrocities in Sri Lanka8. Report all defective food products to the food inspection agency.
9. Do not purchase any of the financial instruments like Sri Lankan government
Sovereign bonds or share in Sri Lankan corporations.

If the Europeans and the United States are willing to impose sanctions why not the Tamils? We have to do our part. My friend lately what have you done to your community?

Number two creating awareness among world population.

1, Keep the other nations involved in your direct action, write to the foreign governments,
their UN mission in New York and Geneva. Every Tamil must become a campaigner,
ambassador and representative of the Tamil cause.

2. Request representation in the United Nations

3. Send out emails, letters, faxes to multinational corporations to stop doing business with
Sri Lanka.

4. Prepare handouts and distribute them at various retail stores like Marks and Spencer,
Wal-Mart, Sears, liquor stores, ethnic retail stores etc.

5. Do not hire Sri Lankan Singhalese in Tamil businesses and corporations. You may be
hiring a Sri Lankan spy or informant or agent. Beware whom you hire.

If we have to stop our direct action to impose economic sanctions. Sri Lankan Singhalese must guarantee the following conditions

1. No colonization of traditional Tamil home lands

2. High security zones must be reduced and military confined to the barracks

3. Administration handed over to civilian authority

4. Judiciary must be free of government and Para-military interventions

5. All war heroes’ landmarks must be preserved

6. Tamils must be allowed to raise funds to for investment and development any where in
the nation.

7. No standardization to the universities

8. All state appointments to be on merit not on race and religion

9. All murders and other atrocities must be investigated

10. All IDP camps must be removed and people go where they want to go.

11. Introduce Educational programs not to dividee people but to understand and unite them.

12, State and the Religion must be separated. Religion has its place but not in the
13. Stop building military cities in the Tamil areas.

A simple advice to our Singhalese friends, do not foster and fuel racism, fanaticism, state terrorism and discrimination based on external feature such as race, religion, appearance, language, caste, sex and age but you look deep inside for a internal diversity of intellect such as sensuality, empathy, wealth, knowledge, creativity, morality, That is the difference between modern democracies and some third world nation. The Singhalese people must compare their socio-economic standard with the rest of the world. They lost 60 years of good living misguided by Singhalese politicians. Your politician and religious establishment have forced you to terrorize the Tamil people. Isn’t it time for a Tamil President in Sri Lanka, Why not? THINK ABOUT IT!

Thank you

I am Subramanian Masilamany, A world-class Tamil powered by Conscience, Convictions and Commitments

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