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Why have the Ceylon Tamils made a significant impact in Singapore?

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Why have the Ceylon Tamils made a significant impact in Singapore?
By Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Finance Minister, Singapore

(Remarks by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Finance at the Singapore Ceylon Tamils Association 100 Years Celebration)

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good Evening


It is my privilege to be here this evening. This is a momentous occasion as we celebrate 100 years of the Singapore Ceylon Tamils Association (SCTA). The Association has not only contributed to the Ceylon Tamil community, but in doing so has helped the community add visibly to Singapore’s progress as a multi-cultural society.

The SCTA has itself grown. It was formed by 300 Ceylon Tamils in 1909 and growing to over 1400 members today.

Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Making the Most of Multiracialism

Ceylon Tamils in Singapore are a small community. They are a minority within a minority.

They have done well. In the judiciary and legal profession, in academic medicine and clinical practice, and in engineering, their contributions have been greatly disproportionate to the size of the community. There were also, historically, well represented in the senior levels of the civil service on both sides of the Causeway. My JY Pillay who is here this evening was the foremost example during his time in the Service in Singapore.

Equally important was their contribution to education, starting in colonial Malaya where they served as Principals and teachers in schools up and down the country, and continuing in the independence years. Educationists like Mr Sigamoney, former Principal of RI in Singapore.

Sporting life also saw many Ceylon Tamils excelling. It seemed to run in the blood. We are proud to have names like Dr A Vijiaratnam, who played for state in hockey, cricket, football and rugby.

Why have the Ceylon Tamils made a significant impact in Singapore? I think the most important reason has to do with the way they took advantage of an environment in post-independence Singapore that rewarded talent and effort regardless of race, and the way they have interacted freely with the other, larger communities. They have never had a minority complex, never looked inward to seek refuge.

The habit of interacting freely with other communities in fact went back many years. The Ceylon Sports Club for example, going back to the 1920s, was an example of how Ceylonese of all races got along as friends and fellow sportsmen. Tamils, Sinhalese and Burghers. They also opened their doors to non-Ceylonese, including many from the majority community in Singapore, and expats from all over the place. The Club knew of only one form of discrimination. It was not a comfortable place to be if you didn’t appreciate cricket, or at least feign an appreciation in the sport.

So the Ceylon Tamils were well-disposed to the multiracialism that defined Singapore after independence. It is probably no accident that S Rajaratnam, coming from this minority community, drafted the Singapore Pledge – with its call for a single, united people regardless of race, language or religion.

This habit of integrating with other races and thinking of us as Singaporean first is the only way each of our communities can progress in Singapore. We can afford neither majority nor minority complexes.

The multiracial instinct that has always been there in the Ceylon Tamil community must continue to define its role in the years to come Singapore – in work and business, in culture and in every field of civil life. It is how we will keep contributing to Singapore.

It is difficult to say if our future generations will see themselves as a distinct community of Ceylon Tamils. Not a few are marrying with the broader Indian community, or with other races. That too is part and parcel of their growing up in Singapore. But we must hope they will take pride in their Ceylonese roots, and never forget the way their forefathers made their way to this part of the world, and made the most of opportunities despite being in a minority. We must hope they understand deep in their hearts that their only future is to champion multiracialism.

Role of SCTA

The SCTA has provided a platform to nurture the cultural heritage among the Ceylon Tamils while actively promoting its integration in our multi-cultural society. It helps keep alive the Tamil language and culture through the present SCTA Sunday School and its various activities.

SCTA must continue to innovate and stay relevant to a changing Singapore. For instance, by helping to integrate new immigrants into Singapore society.

To the younger members, I urge you to heed Dr. Theyvendran’s earlier call to serve and continue the good work of the Association as well as to preserve the rich heritage of the Ceylon Tamils.

On this note, I wish SCTA many more fruitful years to come and a happy 100th year

Best Wishes.

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Who will kill the geese that lays golden eggs. Time for a sea change and mind change...!!!

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I am a relentless worker. I still remember two events ZEROS AND BAD FAILURES. In my junior kindergarten, that vivid picture is still in my mind. Miss Nagamany, who was my teacher giving me double zero for arithmatics. Then I remember in my 5th grade , it was always bad failure. There is nothing below "Zero" and nothing below "Bad Failure". So I knew what I have to do to make a living. HARD WORK. So I got into this habit, since my age of 30, I have put in about 190,000 hours.That is the hand I was dealt with.

So I come to work early, and leave very late. I am the first one in, last one out. "FILO", First In Last Out.I am doing okay now. In the same building as I am, XEROX, the document company has one of its office. At XEROX works another Sri Lankan from the South specifically from Kurunagala. Probably he noticed that I come before him and leave after him. Now I see him coming early and started leaving late. I always reverse park my car so that I am one step always ahead, I fill my car with gasoline on my home not on my way to work, always little bit ahead of others. He also started reverse park his car.What does it tell you? When you work and really work hard others notice it and want to follow you. That is called role modeling.

What does this tell you.

1) If it was in Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa would have told this man go destroy my business, because he is a Tamil. Don't give me cock and bull stories.

2) Being in Canada, the government is pro-business, so it does not matter who owns the business, as long as employment is created and taxes are paid.

3) Mahinda Rajapaksa and his monkeys will think I am funding terrorism, so I should be shut down.

Singhalese people are like any other people, 23 pair of chromosomes, but they have among them misguided people who have got into power. But this man who works for XEROX is guided by the great American philosophy give people freedom and they will make wonders. They also believe in that prosperity is the only path way to sustain freedom.

Now where is Sri Lanka? Who is Mahinda Rajapaksa? We all know who he is, but he is innocent until proven guilty, that day is not too far.His brother Gothabaya has accepted on International media that he will kill. So he has "pleaded guilty".

What can the Tamils do? We have show the Singhalese people, who have been misguided for 2553 years to become modern people. Like the Singhalese man who works for XEROX, who has taken a clue from me that he too can be prosperous. This is what we have to do in Sri Lanka, show the people of the South that People from the North are a great asset not a nuisance or liability. And my advice to TNA and others ask the Singhalese "What can we do for you than What can you do for us". John F.Kennedy.

Mr.Sampnathan please ask Mahinda Rajapaksa, "Brother, What can I do for you". That is the day the Singhalese people will turn around and say, how comes a guy who scored ZEROS AND BAD FAILURES have to teach us what we all have not been taught.

A smaller reminder to my Tamil compatriots, in South Asia the most prosperous community are Tamils, so it is our responsibility to make sure some of that prosperity seep into rest of the region making them all prosperous.India is poor, Pakistan is poorer, Bangla Desh is poorest. Singhalese are doing little better because of the Tamil presence.

Who will kill the geese that lays golden eggs. Time for a sea change and mind change

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TAMIL FUTURE:Some points which have happen in the course of the last 2 years which is important to keep in Mind.!!!

Athithan Jayapalan

Some points which have happen in the course of the last 2 years which is important to keep in Mind.

The Sri Lankan State and its Armed Forces Bans INGO’s and ’free media’ from the North and East during the conduct of the Last war. Massive civilian Casulties, uptil 20 000 dead, and international red cross state that 75- 80 % of the ca 350 000 IDP’s who went into Government established ’wel fare camps’ from the war ravaged area, had bullet and sharpnel wounds.
Freedom of movement is dictated by Army and GOSL, INGO activity is severely restricted and media have no acces into these Internment camps – only army orchestrated visit tours were the means foreign officials and media could enter these camps.
GOSL state noe civilians was killed, Rajapakse says ’our soldiers went into the battlefield with the geneva conventions in the one hand and weapon in the other’. Gotabaye Rajapakse later claims the minimal estimation done by U.N of 7000 civilians killed during the last months, were in fact LTTE cadres. These are some elements which indicates the stance taken and maintained by the GOSL.
Vast Money used to prepared to orchestrate the Victory day event on may 2009 but had to do preparations again due to heavy rainfail in June 19, To facilitate the IFFA and in towards end of 2009 the building of new vesaks, expansion of military HQ and The raising of the monuments to commemmorate the fallen Sri Lankan Army Soldiers.
100 000 army personell are alotted land to ploy in the north, while most of the realesed IDP’s (if 80 000 is remaining now, then 240 000 have been released) from the welfare camps have not been assisted in identifying their native places and in assiting in rebuilding livlihood opportunities and restablishing educational facilities. Those released and remaining in Vanni have only been given plastic sheet, some nominal amount of money(only accesable to those who reached Unicief Booth in time), and tin roof to accomidate their steps to ’rebuild their lifes’.
The Sri Lankan State attempts to paint a picture of ’Problems gone and reconcilation underway’ wihtout even given regoniction to the Tamil communities in Vanni and Mannar who have lost loved ones. The first step towards reconcilation is to give acknowdlgement and recogonition to those civilians who have been killed during the last phase of war. Then the second Step be give justice by taking juridicial prosecution of those Responsible for those deaths( As the complete top level leadership of LTTE is Dead, the atrocities alledgedly comitted by the Ltte can not be Proscecuted). Only then can true platform for reconciliation be estbalished and genuine effort be taken.
State sponsored colonialization of Vanni, Eastern and Northern areas of Sri Lanka(Traditional tamil areas/Homeland) by Sri Lankan Army, Southern Farmers and businesses(who are predominantly Sinhalese) is beeing prioritized, over the rebuilding of tamil IDP’s livlihood and educational oppurtunities(this is also explain the lack of fund and capital to the latter). This has to be stopped and the rebuilding the lifes of locals of the war ravaged North and East should be priotized and adequate step to be taken to ensure this.
Closed areas as Vanni and Mullethivu should be opened for international monitoring and investigation of war crimes. The rhetoric of anti imperialism and neo colonolism employed by GOSL is an fasade, as Nimal Rajapakse head IMF and Asian development Bank funded projects in north and Special economic zones are estabished in Mannar,East,Jaffna and vanni to encourage and actively attract foreign investors and Trans national Companies.
Foreign mediation and monotoring of the ’Rehabilitation’ of 11 000 ex-ltte cadres must be allowed, to ensure that extra judicial persecution and execution won’t happen in the time ahead, and if occured prior to such an transparency securing effort, investigations should be undertaken again monitored by internation and third party elements(as The Judicial system is heavily institutionally biased against anti state elements and esp the tamil population, as shown by the impunity perpetuated since 1951 against those involved in the numerous anti tamil riots, the violent crackdown of JVP insurrections in 1971,1988-1989, and in the counter insurgency war in North and East since 1979).

What can be Done in the the times to comes by the tamil Diasphora:

To engage in rebuilding efforts in North and east of sri Lanka, by focusing on Village level rebuilding of livlihood, education and overall economy.
To contribute with whatever means possible and reasonable(without The GOSL directing or allocating the money or human capital beeing used to such efforts, monitoring by GOSL affiliated NGOS and insitutions raise also question as persecution of those involved in such acitivities is not secured against and the culture of impunity in the Sri Lankan state) in rebuilding efforts of the war raved communities of North and East.
To pursue the task of bringing about an internationally led investigation of War crimes and persecution of those held and proved responsible.

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SL-TAMIL FUTURE: Our concerns under Short, Medium & Long term...!!!

Dear Shan,

Further to your request, I have given below our concerns under Short, Medium & Long term.


1. IDP/detainees(recent/long term)

2. Return/resettlement

3. Fundamental rights

4. Muslim IDPs

5. Missing/disappeared

6. Freedom of movement

7. High Security Zones-demilitarise

8. Transitional camps

9. Choice and representation re: return

10. Land grab

11. Violence/security/arms

12. Transparency


Rule of law/governance
2. 17th amendment for independent oversight of police, judiciary etc

3. Restoration of civilian administration

4. Livelihoods/reconstruction

5. Reconciliation

6. 13th Amendment/APRC

Administration of justice/policing
Land Rights
Culture of Impunity


New fundamental principles
Addressing aspirations
Living together (pluralism)
Identity maintenance and development
Equitable development
Acceptable political solution

We should avoid mixing our concerns; unfortunate people should come first.

Hope these will be of some use in your efforts.


கூட்டத்திற்கு எனது ஆக்கம்...T.THILEEPAN, OSLO

கூட்டத்திற்கு எனது ஆக்கம்

1.ஈழத்தமிழHகளின் வரலாற்றுப்பின்னணியில் என்றும் தலைதெறிக்க ஆடியது தனிமனிதபக்திவாதம். மக்கள்;இ இனம் என்று கூறிக்கொண்டு தனிமனிதனின் தோழ்களில் ஏறியகாவடி முள்ளிவாய்காலில் அட்டு நொருங்கியது. உண்மை. வரலாற்று ரீதியாக ஆயூதப்போராட்டத்தின் ஆரம்பமே துரையப்பாகொலை. கொலைதவன் கொலைசெய்யப்படும் வரை ஆயூதப் போராட்டம் நடந்திருக்கிறது. தனிப்பட்டமனிதன் துரையப்பாவை துரோகியாகக் காட்டுவதன் மூலம் தனைத்தளபதியானவH அமிHதலிங்கம். இவHகள் பயன்படுத்திய கருவியே அன்றை அப்பாவிப் பிரபாகரன்;. வாக்கு வங்கிகளை நிரப்பி தம்பதவிகளையூம் கௌரவங்களையூம் நிலைநிறுத்தப் பயன்படுத்திய வாHத்தைகள்தான் இனம்இ மக்கள் என்பன. எனது பாHவை யில் தமிழ் அரசியல்வாதிகளோ புலிகளே எந்த இயக்கமே மக்களையூம் தமிழையூம்இ உண்மையாக நேசிக்கவில்லை என்பதாகும். உ.ம்: பண்டார நாயக்கா தனது உயHபடிப்பை லண்டனில் முடித்துவிட்டு வந்து பேசிய போது கூறியஇ எழுதியவற்றை நினைவூபடுத்த விரும்புகிறேன். அண்ணா சொன்னதுபோல் மாற்றான் தோட்டத்து மல்லிகையூம் மணம் வீசும். பிற்காலத்தில் பண்டாரநாயக்கா அரசியலுக்காக அடித்த குத்துக் கரணங் களை ஒருபுறம் வைத்துவிட்டு அவH சொன்னது இதுதான் ”தமிழH என்ற ஒரு தனிஇனம் இலங்கையில் வாழ்ந்து கொண்டிருக்கிறது. இது தனித்துவ மானதுஇ தமக்கென சிறப்புமிக்க கலைஇ காலச்சாரம்இ இருப்புகளைக் கொண்டது. இந்த இனம் பாதுகாக்கப்பப்படவேண்டும்.” எந்த சிங்களவனுக் கிருந்த உணHவூ எமது மக்களுக்கே தமிழ்அரசியல்வாதிகளுக்கேஇ இயக்கங்களுக்கே இருந்ததில்லை. இருந்திருந்தால் எடுத்தேன் கவிட்டேன் என நடந்திருக்க மாட்டாHகள். அணைத்துப் பெறுவதை அடித்துப்பெற முயன்றிருக்க மாட்டாHகள். சாத்திய த்தின்இ சத்தியத்தின் கதவூகள் திறந்துதான் இருந்தன. மேலும் ஒரு முக்கிய குறிப்பு: தமிழ்மொழில் கல்வித்திட்டத்தை முன்மொழிந்தவரும்இ அமுல் படுத்தியவரும் இன்று தமிழ் துவேசியாக கருதப்படும் பண்டா என்பதை நினைவில் கொண்டு மீண்டும் சிந்திப்போமானால் சரியாகப்புரியூம் இலங்கை அரசியலைஇ தமிழரின் இன்றைய நிலையை உருவாக்கியவHகள் யாH என்பது

2.அன்று நாம் வயதில் சிறியவHகளாக இருந்தபோதே கேள்விமேல் கேள்விகேட்டோம். தமிழ்ஈழம் புவியல்ரீதியாக சாத்தியமானதா? என்று. இல்லை என்பதற்கான பலகாரணங்களை முன்வைத்தோம்.
புவியல் அமைப்பு
பொருளாதார வளம்
இனவொற்றுமை – முரண்பாடுகள் (சாதியம்)
போராடு தளங்களும் இந்திய ஆக்கிரமிப்புவாதமும்

இப்படிப்பல. இவை அனைத்துமே கறுப்பு அங்கி வக்கீல்களால் வசையா க்கப்பட்டன. என்ன செய்வது நாமும் சேHந்தே உருண்டோம்.

3.இளைஞHகளுக்குக் கிரீடம் வைத்து அரசியல்வாதிகள் வாக்குவங்கியை நிரப்பினாHகள். மாநகரசபைத் தேHதலுக்கும் தமிழீழமே கோரிக்கை. வளம் வற்றியதும்இ ஈழமென்பதை த.வி.கூட்டணி வாக்குகளுக்காக பயன்படுத்து கிறாHகள் என்பதை உணHந்த இளைஞHகள் தமது பாதையை தாமே வகுக்க வெளிக்கிட்டனH. இதன் பேருருவம்தான் புலி புளொட். த.வி.கூ க்குள்ளும் புலிஇ புளொட் எங்கும் உள்ளும் புறமுமாக தனிமனிதத் துதி பாடல்களும்இ பக்திவாதமுமே தலைதூக்கியிருந்தன. மக்கள்இ மனிதம் இனம் என்பன கிள்ளுக்கீரையாகிப் போனது

4.எமது போராட்டம் ஒருதனிமனிதனை நம்பியூம்இ ஆயூதமனநோயிலுமே கட்டப்பட்டிருந்தது. மக்கள்பலத்தையோஇ மனிதசக்தியையேஇ புதியசிந்தனை களையோஇ புதியதலைமைகளையோ உள்வாங்கிக் கொள்ளவில்லை. உ.ம்- மக்கள்பலத்தைஇ மக்களின் மனோபலத்தை நம்பிப் போராட்டம் நடந்திருக்குமானால் மக்களே புலிகளைக் காப்பாற்றி இருப்பாHகள். பல ஆண்டுகளைக்கு முன் நான் எழுதிய துப்பாக்கியில் துளிHவிடும் துHபாக்கியதேசம் என்ற எனது கவிதைப் தொகுப்பில் என்னுரையில் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளேன். மக்கள் பாHவையாளராகவே இருக்கிறாHகள். பங்காளி களாகவில்லை என்று. போராளிகளுக்கு சாப்பாடு கொடுப்பதுஇ பங்கH வெட்டுவதுதான் பங்களிப்பாகாது. அதையூம் பலவிடங்களில் ஆயூதமுனை யிலேயே செய்வித்தனH. ஆயூதத்தால் வெருட்டி வளHக்கப்பட்ட மக்கள் எப்படி இராணுவத்தின் ஆயூதங்களை எதிHத்து நிற்பாHகள். இதன் விளைவை வன்னியில் கண்டிருப்பீHகள். மக்கள் மனங்கள் சுயமாக வென்றெடுக்கப்படவில்லைஇதயாHபடுத்தப்படவில்லை. அப்படித் தயாHபடுத்தப் பட்டிருந்தால் புலிகள் பிள்ளைபிடிகாரHகள் போல் ஆள்பிடிக்க வேண்டிய அவசியம் இருந்திருக்காது. போராட்டத்துக்குரிய தங்களது பங்களிப்பை மக்கள் தாமாகவே முன்வந்து செய்திருப்பாHகள்.

5.புலிகள் நடத்தியது மக்கள் போராட்டமல்ல என்பதை வரலாறு காட்டிநிற்கிறது. மனிதனிடம் இருக்கும் அதிஉயH பெறுமதி கொண்டது உயிH மட்டும்தான். இந்த உயிH போகப்போகிறது என்பதை அறிந்தும் மக்கள் ஏனைய இடங்களிலும்இ வன்னியிலும் ஓடி ஓடி இறந்தாHகளே தவிர ஆமியையோ புலிகளையோ எதிHக்கப்பில்லை. இது போதும் மக்கள் போராட்டத்துக்குத் தயாH இல்லை என்பதை உணHத்து. ஒரு பயந்தான் கொள்ளிச் சமூகத்தைத்தானே உருவாக்கி இருந்தாHகள். மக்களின் போராடும் சக்தியூம்இ மனோநிலையூம் ஆயூதங்களாலும் அரசில்வாதிகளாலும் மழுங்கடிக்கப்பட்ட பின் போராட்டம் என்பதே அHத்தற்றது

6.இன்று வரலாறும்இ வரலாறுகளும் காட்டியபாடங்களைப் பாHக்காது மீண்டும் புலி என்றும்இ மற்றய இயக்கங்கள் என்றும்இ ஈழமென்றும்இ இனம் என்று பேசுவதில் எந்த அHத்தமும் இருப்பதாகத் தெரியவில்லை. அப்படியானால் இதற்கான முடிவென்ன? அப்படியே அழியவிடுவதா? இதை ஆராயத்தானே இங்கே கூடியிருக்கிறீHகள்.

எதிHகாலத்தில் என்ன செய்யவேண்டும் என்பது பற்றிய எனது கருத்து

1.மீண்டும் வரலாற்றைத் திரும்பிப்பாருங்கள். புலிகள் முதல் அரசியல்வாதி களீறாக தனிமனிதH வரை ஒவ்வொன்றாக ஏன்இ எதற்குஇ எப்படிஇ முடியூமாஇ முடியாதா? என்று யோசியூங்கள். இன்றும் காலதாமதம் ஆகவில்லை புலிகள் சுயவிமHசனம் செய்து மக்களிடையே வந்து உண்மையைச் சொல்வதும். வியHவை சிந்திய புலத்துத் தமிழHகளின் பணங்களை அவHகளிடமோ அல்லது ஈழத்தமிழHகளின் மேம்பாட்டுக்கோ பயன்படுத்தும் வேலைத்திட்டங்களை மக்கள்; முன்வைப்பது மிக முக்கியமானது. காரணம் மக்களின் நம்பிக்கையைப் பெறாத பட்சத்தில் நீங்கள் முன்னேடுக்கும் எந்தவேலைத்திட்டமும் அவநம்பிக்கைக்குரியதாகி மீண்டும் ஒரு முள்ளி வாய்க்காலுக்கு வழிவகுக்கும்.

2.எது நடந்தது? என்ன நடந்தது? என்ற கேள்விகள் ஒன்றரை வருடமாகியூம் பதில் தெரியாது இருக்கும் வேளை அடுத்தகட்டநகHவூ எப்படிச் சாத்தியமாகும்? இங்கே மீண்டும் புலிகளின் பங்கு முக்கியமாகிறது. தாமே முன்வந்து நடந்த உண்மைநிலைகளை மக்களுக்கு உணHத்தி மனித நேயத்துடனும்இ இனம் என்ற அத்திவாரத்தில் நின்றுஇ முரண்பாடுகளை மறந்து செய்படுவது முக்கியம்

3.ஒருதனிமனிதH கருத்துக்களைப் புறம்தள்ளாது திறந்த மனதுடன் ஏற்றுஇ அதாவது எதிரி கூட நல்லவிடயங்களைச் சொல்லாம் என்ற மனப்பக்குவத் துடன் செயற்படுவது அவசியம். ஒரு தனிமனிதனால் கூட பெரியசாதனை களைப் புரியமுடியூம் என்பதற்கு எமது காலத்தில் வாழ்ந்த பிரபாகரன் ஒரு உதாரணம். இது நல்லதுஇ கெட்டது என்பதற்கு அப்பால் இது எமது வரலாற்றின் ஒரு மைல்கல் என்பதை யாரும் மறுக்க இயலாது. கிட்டலHஇ நெப்போலியன்இ காந்தி இவHகளும் தனிமனிதHகளே. இவHகளின் சிந்த னைகளின் சாதனைகள் உலகமே கண்டு வியந்திருக்கிறது.

4.முரண்பாடுகளை மறந்து இனம்இ மொழி இவை இரண்டும் எல்லோருக்கும் பொதுவானது. இதற்காக உழைக்க வேண்டிய பொறுப்பு எல்லோருக்கும் உண்டு. அவனவன் தன்தகுதிக்கேற்ப செய்படுவதை மற்றவHகள் ஊக்கிவிக்காவிட்டாலும் இழிவூபடுத்தாமல் இருந்தாலே போதுமானது.

5.இன்றை உலகைத் தீHமானிப்பது பொருளாதாரம்இ அறிவூஇ கல்விஇ சிந்தனைகள் என்பதை யாரும் மறுக்க முடியாது. இன்று நாம் எமது இனத்துக்குச் செய்யவேண்டியது இதைத்தான். இவற்றில் எமது மக்களை மேம்பச் செய்தால் அதிகாரம் எமது கைக்கு வரும் என்பதை யாராவது மறுப்பீHகளா?

6.புலத்திலுள்ள பிள்ளைகளை தமிழ் அடையாளத்துடன் வளருங்கள். மொழியற்ற இனம் முகமற்ற மனிதன் போன்றது. ஆதலால் தமிழ்மொழியை பழக்கஇ வளக்க மொழியாக்குங்கள். தமிழின் பெருமைகளைச் சொல்லி வளருங்கள்யிலுள்ள தமிழHகளை உயHத்த

பொருளாதாரரீதியாக எம்மக்களை அரசில் தங்கியிருக்காது சுயமாக்குவது
வெளிநாட்டு மோகங்களை ஏற்படுத்தாது எமது மண்ணிலேயே வாழ வசதிகளை ஏற்படுத்துவது
கல்வி மேம்பாட்டுக்கான காரணிகளை செய்து கொடுப்பது (இதை ஒவ்வொரு தனிமனிதனும் செய்யலாம்)
நாம் ஆயூதப்போராட்டத்துக்கு வளங்கிய பணத்தில் அரைவாசி இலங்கையையே வாங்கியிருக்கலாம். இது இன்றும் சாத்திய மானதுதான்.
காணிகளை வாங்கி எமது மக்களின் இருப்பை உறுதி செய்வது.
ஈழத்தில் தொழிலுக்கானமொழி எதுவாக இருந்தாலும் வீட்டில் பயன்படுத்தப்படும் மொழி தமிழாகட்டும். பயன்படுத்தப்படாத மொழி அழிந்து விடும். மொழி அழிந்தால் இனம் அழிந்து விடும்

8.எம்மினம் போராலும் பொருளாதார காரணிகளாலும் பெருக்கமற்ற அழிந்து போகிறது. இதனை மீழக்கட்டமைக்க பரிசுத்திட்டம். ”பத்துப் பெத்தால் பரிசழிப்போ” இதுமட்டும் போதாது 4 பிள்ளைகளுக்கு மேல் உள்ள பிள்ளைகளின் கல்விஇ உணவூஇ உடைஇ உறையூள் என்பனவற்றை புலத்து மக்கள் மட்டுமல்ல புலத்திலுள்ள எமது பிள்ளைகளும் பொறுப்போற்று திட்டமிடப்பட்டு நடைமுறைப்படுத்துவது. காரணம் இன்று எமது இனம் இலங்கையில் 3 இனமாகியூள்ளது என்பதை மனதில் கொள்க.

9.முக்கியமாக அரசகுடியேற்றங்கள் என்று எதிHத்து நின்று இன்னும் எமது இனத்தையூம்இ நிலத்தையூம் இழக்காது. இந்துமதம் போல் எதிரியையூம் உள்வாங்கி அவனை எம்மவனாக்கி விடுவது. யாழ்பாணம் வரும் ஒவ்வொரு சிங்களவனும் தமிழனாகட்டும். சாத்தியமாகும் பக்கங்களை ஏன் பாHக்க மறக்கிறீHகள்.

10.சொல்லிச் செய்வது இராஜதந்திரமல்ல. சொல்லிச் செய்வது தமிழ்சினிமாபோல் சு+ழுரை. எதையூம் சொல்லாமல் தனது எண்ணத்தை நிறைவேற்றுவது இராஜதந்திரம். இதை நாம் நோHவேயிடமும் நோHவே மக்களிடமும் இருந்து கற்கவில்லை என்றால் அதற்கான சந்தHப்பம் எமக்கு இல்லை என்பதே முடிவூ.

The Course of Action to restore Civilian Life in the North and East of Sri Lanka..!!!

The Course of Action to restore Civilian Life in the North and East of Sri Lanka:

1. Just like the Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal of South Africa against Apartheid, a similar tribunal should be constituted with international panel of Justice and grievances looked into and set right within a reasonable time frame. The first announcement should be a General Pardon to all rebels since they cannot be separated from Tamils of Sri Lanka.

2. Restoration of Status Quo Ante:

Whatever is the Sinhala new settlement, first the land held by Tamils should be re-conveyed them in a phased manner within a reasonable time frame not more than a year.

3. Constitutional Amendment is brought to see that the land rights of Tamils are in alienable- something similar to the Special Status what Kashmir enjoys in India

4. As a priority, international community must come forward to rehabilitate the entire Tamil refugees is all over the world with a guarantee to dignified livelihood.

5. As a part of public policy, the GoSL must earmark 20% of spending for Tamils- identical to the” Special Component Plan’ in India for the marginalized people.

6. Tamils be brought to the main stream Sri Lanka as part of state sposnired affirmative action with reservation in jobs, admission in schools and colleges.

N.K.Kumaresan Raja PhD.,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Political Science,
Annamalai University,
Annamalai Nagar- 608 002,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Hand Phone:91-9488510376
Skype Id:professor.raja

(Formerly Professor, Centre for Rural Studies, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie- 248 179, India)
















Thursday, December 2, 2010

The present and future situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka..!!!

| Moderator to me

The present and future situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka

At present our brothers and sisters have accepted a lower level of expectation in Sri Lanka. Their expectation is to be alive and be able to feed at least once a day. That is the prudent thing to do in the face of an unreasonable enemy. The human mind is designed to shift its mode of existence depending on the environment and to tell you the truth humans are very strong and resilient, it can change its mode of existence. At present the Tamils may have to accept it as the way it is given to them. But today’s event in London England has given us hope that the beginning of the end is near. But the situation who will succeed Rajapaksa and his clans. As it is The Singhalese establishment is collapsing but it is still not openly visible.

The Situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka looks bright to me because of the new borderless world where money, information, goods flow freely. The governments are becoming powerless in the face of corporate power where the control of the money has shifted from governments to corporations.
Based on this fact we are building the biggest team ever, every Tamil will be a winner


Let me tell you the truth, when we took the first few steps we never thought we will go this far. Indeed we are surprised at the speed at which freedom is unfolding. Therefore my fellow Tamils never ever hesitates to take the first few steps and you will be surprised what can be achieved.

To survive as Tamils we have to unite, here listen to what Jean Jacques Rousseau have to say,
“I assume that people reach a point where the obstacles to their preservation and progress may prove greater than the strength they have. Beyond this point the existing state of conditions cannot endure, exist and assist them and the human race will perish if it does not change its mode of existence”
-Jean Jacques Rousseau
Therefore Tamil have to find a new way of existence.
Subramanian Masilamany
Therefore we have set out to build a new model for Tamils worldwide. We are building a team of 65-70 million Tamil people living all over the world. This will be the biggest team ever. I am going to systematically guide you as to how to get your freedom, self esteem and hence peace. South Asian primitiveness will take eons to change, but we, Tamils have the greatest opportunity to do so.

Let me give you the good news first, forget about the traditional form of governments. E.g. the concept of a country with in the physical borders and the creation of a sovereign nation, with its government etc. The government had the jurisdiction over the citizens. That is the old model. In 1982 it was proposed that the existing form of governments are not suitable for the modern world where money, goods and information flow freely. If it is so why not people? or do people have to migrate? This is the new world. Internet has made governments obsolete. So if our Tamil folks wonder who is going to lead the freedom struggle, the answer is simple we are all going to be leaders like the Boston marathon where every body runs but no leaders. Modern democracy wants every one to be their own leader. One leader or even few leaders do not have the capacity, experience and wisdom to lead people. The world is too informed and intelligent. Thanks to European and American constitutions.

Therefore every Tamil is now endowed with greater responsibility than before, you have to take care of yourself and also do a few chores for the community. Forget about looking up to any leader to lead you, you are your own master and you design your own destiny and you work for it. No hand outs no hand ins. You are a free man to live your own life. No sheep all shepherds. It is estimated by the year 2020, they will be 10 million self employed entrepreneurs in Canada. What does it tell you?

Sri Lanka, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan and few other outdated governments are trying to maintain the status quo. They will only fail. Let me give you a simple example. I order some product in Singapore, I pay with my credit card in Canada, my credit card company is USA, The money goes to pay pal and they hold the money till I receive the goods. And on receipt of the goods the supplier gets paid. Again I am in Canada, a man works for me in Sri Lanka and get paid in Sri Lanka, where is the government in this transaction? Governments are obsolete. Did you get it my dear Tamil friend? Aren’t you proud to be Tamil? We are the trail blazers of the human race. Our idea of “Nations without borders” is exactly what is happening in the western world.

The borders are dissolving; governments are bankrupt, but not nations or people. The world will function normally if the government is taken out of the equation. So if the governments are less important and are becoming irrelevant and redundant why try to form a government, why looking for borders and restrict your fortune.

That is the background on which we Tamils are going to be the pioneers. We invented the Katamarm. We pioneered international trade and travel. “Borderless Nation” is our contribution to the new world. So here we are set out to build a formidable team of people, whom we have not even met before. But the mission is so pure, so divine, so selfless it is succeeding. To bring all Tamils living all over the world under one ideology we have to come up with a plan. What we Tamils are going to do is to first define our mission, we call it the mission statement.

“Our mission is to encourage Tamils all over the world to come together as one community and form a synergistic social, economical and political entity that will empower every Tamil to become a great citizen with self esteem, self respect and self sufficiency”

Now that the mission is defined , we have to have a set of things to do to achieve this mission.

1.All Tamil must accept each and every Tamil as members of the same alliance, all Tamils must be united whatever difference exists in our thoughts.

2.All Tamils must educate their children at least for 15 years of education, which means a basic university degree.

3.All families must respect the sanctity of marriage and the institution of family. No one owns the family but we all belong to the family. A sense of belonging not ownership. Every family must have at least 3 children.

4.All families must have Trans generational families, that is the elders and the younger form the part of family.

5.Must own home and land free and clear of any obligations.

6.Must promote building educational institutions, Researh and development.

7.Building our own professional services such a health, legal, accounting etc.

8.Promoting business building, Business is the source of wealth and employment.

9.Earning, Saving and Investment to ensure total control over our own destiny

10.Promoting good relationship with resident government and other communities

The Sri Lankan Government acts like an insecure and inferiority complexed child, it is bent on destroying the Tamil will, freedom and peace. It looks as though some Tamils due to their naivety, innocence and sometimes due to ignorance try to destroy their own community. We don’t believe if there is any truth in it.

The insecure Sri Lankan government is doing false propaganda to divide the Tamils. But Tamil people must not succumb to such narcissistic attempts. Tamil people remain calm and resolute in the face of an unreasonable enemy.

Every Tamil was affected in some way by the misguided and foolish acts of the Singhalese people. They have been imbued into racism and fanaticism. It is our duty to help them to wean out of the self destructive behaviour.

Every Tamil has some sorrow and horror story to tell. Therefore we cannot be divided. The goal is one, the resolve must be one, but the pathways may differ. All Roads lead to one destination. Therefore there cannot be any division. The division is only bogey man created by the Sri Lankan government.

60 years of untold and untellable atrocities have united us inseparably, but of there are nay Tamils have any hope that the Singhalese will give your freedom and peace you will sadly mistaken, but if you are looking bread crumbs you are right, and if there are nay Tamil who feel alienated by our own Tamils try to understand that they may have their own faulty reasons but they will come back

Tamil culture is Trans-generational so there is no point compromising our long term stability to short term illusions. Tamil must think as a family, as group and as community. As we always say, a fish will only discover water last but it is too late. Community is the pond in which we live. It very important that we tolerate small shortcomings to look at the larger picture.

As I always say, all Tamils must unite, work hard, stay together and never ever give up. Tamils in Sri Lanka have to be optimistic and have faith in Diaspora, we are working relentlessly not only to free you but to unite 90 million Tamils worldwide to give us much better political and economical clout in world capitals.. Please rest assured that we will free you. God bless you all, we are with you.

Thank you for listening
My name is subramaniam Masilamany
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tamil future: some thoughts....!!!

Tamil future: some thoughts (October 2010)

As one of Shakespeare’s characters says, where there’s the greater (sorrow, pain, worry) other matters lose much of their importance, may even cease to be of interest: “Where the greater is fixed, the lesser is scarce[ly] felt.” The “greater” and the immediate is the situation of the Tamils. I have been asked, “Are we witnessing the death of yet another people, in this case, the Tamils? Is it the end of the history of the Tamils of Sri Lanka?” By “history” here is meant being not passive recipients of the decisions and actions of others but, instead, being active participants. It is the shaping (to some degree at least) by a people themselves of developments that relate to them. Where it’s not extinction, will the Tamils be reduced to eking an existence on the margins of what was once their ‘homeland’, such as the autochthonous elsewhere: the Aborigines of Australia, and the Native Americans?

In thinking about the present situation and future prospects of the Tamils, it is of the utmost importance that emotion (however passionate) and wishes (however deep) are kept distinct from actual, realistic, possibilities. Secondly, diaspora reaction and attitude must be separated from that of those Tamils still living in the North and East of “the Paradise Isle”. The latter have endured beyond the unendurable; are exhausted beyond exhaustion. What they wish for most is respite, “space” to re-build their lives with whatever means are available. It would be gross insensitivity to ask them, at present, to continue the struggle for equality. Nor is armed struggle an option now: the government will meet attempts at re-grouping and re-arming with the same utter ruthlessness that it has already demonstrated.

It is well to remember that, ever since independence, the Tamils tried to gain equality through democratic means, including peaceful satyagraha. These were met with state-orchestrated riots to terrorise Tamils into accepting the subordinate status assigned to them. Subsequent to (and largely because of) 1983, there was the recourse to arms. Due to various factors (not excluding mistakes and miscalculations by the Tiger leader), the Tamils are now in their worst-ever situation. Therefore, there is understandably a sense of déjà vu when talk surfaces of the same means, the same methods, that were futilely tried - repeatedly, over decades. Why should they succeed now when Sinhalese chauvinists have the Tamils at their mercy, defenceless, exhausted, anxious about the future, not knowing how to proceed?

If the Tamils have no viable, realistic, option are we, indeed, witnessing the end of Tamil history in Sri Lanka, the beginning of the death of a people? (No doubt, the very question will shock and outrage some of you.) Of course, the Tamils will continue to live, in whatever attenuated, diluted, form but will they, as a people? What is meant by “as a people”? The first prerequisite is land, territory, a space which belongs to the group, and where the wishes and ways of that group prevail, a “preserve” (sanctuary), within which the group can “preserve” its distinct cultural identity. Therefore, if occupation cannot be removed altogether, ways must be found to minimise influx and outside influence in daily life. With the influx – settlements, army camps etc – the Tamil exodus from Sri Lanka continues, as did that of the Burghers a few decades earlier: apart from territory, numbers also play an important role.

Lord Macaulay, in his address on India to the British Parliament (2 February 1835) said, “I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage”. It is only then that Indians will become what “we” want them to be: a truly dominated nation. In Sri Lanka, together with “demographic colonisation”, the cultural onslaught goes on apace in the North and East. One may remember and cite the Jews who, after over 2,000 years, returned to claim what had once been their country. But what held the Jews together, and strengthened them as a people, was their religion, the belief that they are the “Chosen” of Jehovah, and would, one day, return to ‘the Promised Land’. This religious faith sustained them through centuries of persecution and dispersal. The Tamils do not have such an inner rock of certitude. It is not only that some Tamils are Christian but Hinduism (unlike Judaism) is an inclusive religion, open to all individuals and peoples. In contrast, Judaism is exclusive and excluding. The Jews do not proselytise; indeed, they do not welcome conversion: by conceptual definition, the “Chosen” means a select, limited and privileged few. Hinduism cannot replicate the role Judaism played in Jewish history.

Among the possible parameters of time are three: the geologic, the historic and the human.

In geologic time, 500 million years is not considered exceptionally long. (Sri Lanka is thought to have finally separated from the land mass of India and became an island “only” about 7,000 years ago.)

In historic time, we can have a measure of, say, 500 years: for example, the Western domination of the world (beginning, roughly, in 1500).

In terms of human life, 50 years is a considerable chunk, may even constitute the entire life of an individual.

Viewing the Tamils at present, as things are now (emphasised) there is the acute danger that, over historic time, they may disappear altogether, through a process of assimilation: see, for example, the Ivanhoe parallel below.

Returning to the last two of the three measurements of time mentioned, the immediate (human) need is to help in healing and rebuilding – both in material and non-material terms. In relation to historic time, the effort must be to strengthen confidence, courage and determination. As Rabindranath Tagore wrote (Nationalism, 1917), the worst form of slavery arises when a people lose faith and confidence in themselves.


Among the Sinhalese, there are (a) the chauvinists and (b) the indifferent. But there are also Sinhalese who speak out, at great cost (if not risk) to themselves. As I have pointed out elsewhere, these Sinhalese are not working for the Tamils but against injustice, even as, for example, there were white South Africans who fought, not for Blacks, but against the injustice of apartheid, and some Jews today fight against the treatment of Palestinians.
There is yet another category of Sinhalese whose root chauvinism is more subtle and difficult to recognise. They deal with palliatives; in helping and doing good work but are happy to leave fundamental structures of inequality and injustice in place. They have it both ways: domination and superiority on the one hand, and the feeling (and reputation) of being kind and caring, noble (and therefore superior) human beings on the other.

As Doris Lessing wrote many years ago, it is not enough to be kind within an unkind system: the system must be changed. ‘Racism’, inequality and injustice must be removed; ethnic assumptions and beliefs changed. In short, the very nature of society must be transformed.

Ivanhoe: Tamil parallels and divergence

This novel (Walter Scott, 1819) is set in CE 1193, that is, about a century after the Battle of Hastings (1066) when the Normans conquered the Saxons and began to rule England. Of course, a major difference is that, unlike the situation of the Tamils, the invading and conquering Normans were the minority in the country; the conquered (resident, “native”) Saxons, the majority. I offer a few quotations from that novel (Wordsworth Class edition, UK, 2000).

Page 4 “... two hostile races, one of which still felt the elation of triumph, while the other groaned under all the consequences of defeat.” Power was completely in the hands of the Normans, a power that was not used moderately.

In official contexts, “Norman-French was the only language employed”. The language of the Saxons [in the present case, Tamil] was disregarded.

Page 18 Many try to hide or minimise their Saxon identity – as do some Tamils, for example, by changing their names, for example, from Rajaratnam to Rajaratne.

Page 37 If a people are held in contempt, harassed and persecuted, then it is inevitable that their character and behaviour change. This observation is made with reference to the treatment of the Jews. Struggling to survive, the Jews are quick to learn both French and Saxon (p. 90). Similarly, many Tamils now speak Sinhala fluently.

Page 52 Ironically, it was considered religious to hate, despise, rob and persecute the Jew: see the attitude of Sinhalese chauvinists to Tamils.

Page 214 Some Saxons, despairing, seek “refuge from oppression” by withdrawing to a monastery: many Tamils, seeing no hope, seek refuge in a foreign country.

Page 248 The sound of the trumpet no longer wakes the people, and they are “now but the unresisting victims of hostile and military oppression... Would to heaven that the shedding of my own blood, drop by drop, could redeem” them. No doubt, many a Tamil has the same feeling. One thinks too of Nathan Hale who, about to be executed by the British (1776), regretted that he had only one life to give for this people.

Scott wrote the novel about six hundred years after the Norman Conquest but, long before then, there were no longer Normans and Saxons in England but what we now know as “the English”. (That term, “English” itself, because of immigration from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere, seems to be giving way to “British”.) I understand there are more Chinese now in Tibet than Tibetans: What will that country be like in, say, two to three hundred years? What of Sri Lanka?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 1:15 AM, Moderator wrote:


“Our mission is to encourage Tamils all over the world to come together as one community and form a synergistic social, economical and political entity that will empower every Tamil to become a great citizen with self esteem, self respect and self sufficiency”

Our immediate need is to increase the intellectual standard of Tamils worldwide. This is our plan every Tamil reads one page of a book any book every day. There are about 70 million Tamils worldwide. That is about 70 million pages and imagines the gross community intellectual improvement per day. If we continue this for 50 years we will have enough pages to reach the moon.

Folks, Sri Lanka is morally, intellectually and economically bankrupt. We will have an opportunity to take this part of South Asia and spin it into another Germany, Japan or even Europe and America.

India is on its way to its own self destruction, which is unavoidable and unstoppable. How they have made enough enemies in every possible direction is an indication that they too will be bankrupt.

Pakistan and Bengal desh are another basket case so the only bright spot are the Tamil in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia etc. so we Tamils are in a very advantageous situation. We have to keep our community alive by undertaking unprecedented efforts to keep us astute and capable.

We living in the west must make tireless effort to improve the educational, sociological and economic standards very high. There is a great moral leadership vacuum in the world and we Tamils have to set in fill this emptiness. Don’t look upon any body to help you; they are looking for help themselves.

Then the other programme is to spend about 10 minutes per day “Thinking”. If we think and think repeatedly about our mission, goals and needs we will become prosperous. As Napoleon Hill said Think and grow rich and as Mark Allen said a man is what he is thinking all day. If we encourage our people to think on daily basis, thoughts are things with dynamism and will lead us in the right direction.

We have to fight this battle in Asia, this region is fast becoming a black hole and we have to salvage it... Every battle has to be fought and every battle has to be won and every son of bitch has to be tamed. There is nothing called surrendering or giving up, for the world is full of timid and cunning animals that live by the rule of the jungle. We are not defeating people, but we are defeating a mindset of ignorance, inferiority, primitiveness, cunningness, timidity, ignorance, indifference, stupidity, illiteracy, slavery and poverty.

When freedom, democracy, equality and fraternity are threatened for the selfish purpose, one has to wage a campaign to subdue the beasts. Alas, today man is still a primitive animal that has to be caged, tamed and trained! Until such time it can be educated to be part of a civil society it has to be disciplined to live an orderly life.

Do not believe or trust this artificially inflated world. Do not depend on the UN or Europe or USA or India or China or for that matter anyone. Just we alone have to fight this battle. It is an intellectual battle, a moral battle, it is conscience battle. We alone have to do it and that is the only way to do it. But this is not a one man job or one cannot claim that he can do the job, it is team effort. It is my job, your job and our job to get it done. When each one of succeed, we all succeed and when we all succeed each one us will succeed.

Every Tamil must “steal” a little bit of time from here and there and make available one hour per day devoted to building our great community. The concept of a one man leadership is of the past, she or he cannot do the job. Today people are looking up to governments to feed them, but the governments are bankrupt. Therefore as world class Tamils we must not depend on any government to help us. Each one of us has to take control of our lives and build a formidable fortress.

Every Tamil must become a nation unto him or herself and work out our own salvation. We all must have a plan for our life and work at it with determination. If you work sincerely you develop the mind set of a cornucopia (Amirthasurabi) and then the wealth simply flows in. relentlessly sincere work transform your mind into a source of never ending wealth.

We then encode this magic and pass it own to our coming generations. When we do that we have built a community that will be immune to all form of invasion. We will never get an opportunity like this; the community is ready for a massive transformation. This is the time, we are people so let us do it.

I succeeded twice in my life with relentless determination and perseverance. Once in my education and then in my entrepreneurship. Helping my great community to world class eminence is my next goal; I will succeed, because I know what it will take to succeed. I want to be part of this community to world-class eminence.

I humbly request every Tamil to step forward, step up to the plate and take swing at it, then you will be amazed to see what you can achieve. You are more capable than what you think you are. Try it.

I know you will succeed. I did and succeeded twice. If you fail call me.

Subramaniam Masilamany