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“Our anger with Singhalese has gone but melancholy has set in, is there any way we can help the Singhalese to become world class people?”

In Sri Lanka, The Singhalese wanted to destroy the Tamil’s Will, Hope and Determination; and the monuments erected to the freedom fighters. What a way to manage ones life! If any Singhalese has any sense of being he will stand up and say what we are trying to destroy are natural characters of the universe. I hope we have some Singhalese scholar who can understand my saying.

Will, Hope, Determination are God given means to life. If you take away those features you are characterless. Will, Hope and Determination and monuments to the dead define our lives. You will not survive too long. When I call Singhalese barbarians there is a grain of truth. Will they ever change their mode of living? When I read the pompous remarks about Mahinda Rajapaksa and his achievements my heart bleeds for here are people who have no character praising a man who has no character. Our anger with Singhalese has gone but melancholy has set in, is there any way we can help the Singhalese to become world class people?

This man killed people and then killed them again by destroying the monument erected to the fallen heroes. No Tamil should tolerate or sit back and say what can I do? There are so many things we can do. First thing we have to do is help people to remove Injustice, ignorance and inferiority from the mind of the people.

In Sri Lanka, we have lot of work to do to help the Singhalese to understand that if they continue this path their destruction is not too far away, it is not my prophecy it is the universal truth what goes around comes around and or the immutable law of retribution, you get exactly equal to what you put in.

And to those writers, speakers and bloggers who think “might is right” and the “winner is the champion of change” will soon find that mother nature will deal a blow and they will be the first to blame god, not knowing that he or she was the maker of their own fate.

I always wondered why god was so unfair in putting me at a different plateau so that I do not know even how to do bad thoughts and deeds; I wished God was an equal distributor of conscience.

Some people ask me how comes you have no fear? they are wrong, I have fear, but no fear when I see Injustice and ignorance. When you commit to fearless truthfulness there is no force to hold you back. Fearless truthfulness is an invincible weapon in my armoury.

In the mean time Tamils must remain resolute and reassured that injustice does not have any moral foundation. It is test of time and we will rise up to up hold universal justice and freedom.

By the way there is something Martin Luther King said, I read this morning I want to share it with you

Cowardice asks the question, Is it safe?

Expediency asks the question, Is it popular?

Conscience asks the question, Is it right?

There comes a time in our life when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right.

That time is NOW

Subramaniam Masilamany

Friday, November 12, 2010

I have CA $ 5000 ready for you but you must guarantee that money will be repaid into a fund that can be lent to another needy family, but not to me.! Moderator to Massey

Thamby Rajan,

Let me explain something and then I will make my offer. In the year 1977, I left Sri Lanka, landed in Paris France. For three days I slept on the streets. No food, no language,no money.
On the third day an elderly lady asked me if I would come and work her. I did not ask her what job it is, how much money it will pay. I wanted something to eat and sleep. On the first day she paid me 20 francs and of course food. One week later she got me job as a house servant in rich family.

I worked 16 hours a day as a house boy cleaning, cooking, baby sitting, dog walking etc.For two years I did that. Then I came to Canada. started better as a security guard. Then I was hired in a small factory to clean and fill chemicals. I worked so hard, Dr. McSorley, my boss told me that I told him a lie and he further said you must be much more qualified than what you told me. I told him sir. I needed job, any job, so I lied. He said, oh no no, that is okay, but can you be by lead hand? I sure why not. Then 6 months later the foreman left, I became the foreman, then one year later, the chemist left I became the chemist, then Dr McSorley left, the other partner asked if I could run the manufacturing department. I did well. then the Old man wanted to retire so he asked me to buy the business. I did not have the money so he sold it some one else. That some one else didn't like me, so I quit and started my own business. That was 30 years ago.

Read this part carefully, I borrowed money from the bank to buy a home, buy a car, start a business. I paid them all. Think what would have happened if the bank just gave the money to be as welfare or gift or aid or hand out to me. I would not have developed any respect for money, others most important to myself. Today my people may be struggling, I understand that I am willing to help. But look at the Palestinians, a welfare nation. How did that happen? Easy money.

Please do a great favour to us, whatever money you give must be a loan, may be forgivable if unforeseen disaster strikes. Okay to give it today, but it must be repaid. If you don't do that they will keep asking, we will keep giving.

I drive 1993 Honda accord, which my mechanic says he does not want to repair any more. I have a cell phone 15 years old, I wear clothes discarded by one sons, I sleep on a mat, In the morning to beat the traffic I have to leave home before 5.59am. Then I come, work like hell, when I am writing this email the time is 6.32 pm. How many hours have gone? 12 hours, work is not finished, I won't go home till 9.00pm, that is almost 16 hours. double shift.

Don't I have family? Yes I do, but I don't have family because I have to make enough money to pay the bills. Now who needs help here. I am 67 years old but I still put in 16 hours per day, 7 days per week, 3651/4 days.

I suggest you a great idea, come and work with me, I will pay you $100 per day, in a week $700. in one year 36500 dollars.Then see if you will throw away money in the black hole.
36500 dollars is 3650000 rupees give or take a few thousand.

I am not against helping my people, giving free money is no help it is just the opposite they will never come out of this black hole. You may call me a new American imperialist but if you see the number of hours we put in we are the people who give people hope, encouragement, self esteem and self respect.

I have every means to live in a mansion, buy a Benz, dress like Casanova, and throw away parties, but if you come to my home every thing is measured, we don't open the water tap wide, we don't boil water more than what is needed. We buy where things are cheap, we use coupons, pick pennies from parking lots. Then why would I and other like me throw money into black Hole.
I have never been to Sri Lanka, I will never go into a country that made me a refugee. No man with self respect, self esteem step into a country that treated him like garbage.

Again I reiterate, I have $5000 dollars ready for you but you must guarantee that money will be repaid into a fund that can be lent to another needy family, but not to me. I told this to TNA and I have not heard from them. They are our legally elected representatives. If they charge their lunch to my sweat and blood account then there is something fundamentally wrong.

Therefore Thamby, find some one who can manage money, I will get millionaires and billionaire to come to the rescue of our people, your people my people.Things may be bad, but this is the only way to make it better. My concvictions and my conscience tell me that I must genuinely help my people to come out of this dungeon they are locked into.

No harm intended, if I am wrong please let me know

Subramaniam Masilamany



Dear All,

Please see the attachment,and forward it any body who could assist us in this project to help the affected people.
We can connect you direct to the affected families, until some body register and start. 15 months have past
since the war was over but we haven't done much to help these people,please see the attachment below its only a sample
of many people's situation there.We are working with NGO registered in north&east.we have got the details of
nearly 1000 families collected from very reliable sources,which we can give it to anybody to contact them directly,and help them.

if need further information,please contact me on 0208 424 9297


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tamil people must bite their tongue, work hard, stay united and never ever give up.!!!

| Moderator to Massey


Here is another example of a Tamil who accepted a low form of living. We in North America quit our jobs over disagreements when some one compromises his or her conscience.
we cannot blame her for she is one of those people who will compromise her modesty and community for survival. She is compromising her children's future for her own selfish purpose. There are very many Tamils doing this. But can injustice continue like this. No.

The problems with Tamils are very behave like second class subjects. That has to change. To feed oneself is not that difficult but to some people, selling out the community is an easy way to make living. Call me anything, but she will take to the oldest profession if the needs arise along with her mother and daughter.

let these people be an encouragement than discouragement. Don't worry she will be first one jump ship when it hits the rock.

This woman was nowhere close to the battle front, but she talks as though she was at the battle, but folks every second another Imalda is born some where. We have learn to live with them.
We need more Tamils participate in our campaign, please do what you think is the right thing do in your own way.

But the Tamil people must bite their tongue, work hard, stay united and never ever give up.

Monday, November 8, 2010



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Good day ,Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil, today my Subject is..


"We Tamils are on a way to recovering our freedom which we lost due to our carelessness” Subramaniam Masilamany Tamils must stop asking the Singhalese for their rights and freedom. Don’t beg them for they are beggars, don’t beg Mahinda Rajapaksa for he is a beggar too. Tamils must stop behaving like second class citizens. The problem with Tamils is their hallucination that the Singhalese have power and economic means. “The basic flaw in the Tamil movement is that we expect the Singhalese to give us our freedom, which we already we have and which they don’t have, it is our deficient mentality that gives power to the Singhalese” TNA, TGTE and other organizations that are claiming to be owners and guardians of Tamils worldwide telling us they are here to help us, but they are looking for help from us. I do not know who needs help here. What people need is a means to freedom. If TGTE makes the same mistakes LTTE made they are bound to fail. If they don’t reach out to the Tamil masses and incorporate them in the struggle they will never succeed. I am always fascinated by the plight of the Palestinians. They are welfare recipients from various nations to just live, eat, sleep and breed. If any one of them is smart they will start cottage industries and work themselves out of their misery. But they are given easy money so they are political pawns of the Middle East chess board. If we also give money to our Tamils in Sri Lanka we are creating another Palestine. For the last 25 years billions of hard earned Tamil money has found way into the black hole in Indian Ocean. One TNA MP wanted money to help people, I gave and then I asked him if I give a small amount of $5000 to be lent as repayable loan to people I have not heard from him. I hope you get the message. This is the fundamental problem in Sri Lanka. Both Singhalese and Tamils are living off the blood and sweat of the world. When we came as pennyless in 1980, the banks gave us loans to start a business, buy a home, buy an automobile, a credit card etc. We used that facility to build a business, to make money, send the kids to university, pay off the home, car and the credit cards and now the same banks pay us interest on the money we have earned with their money. This is what we need in our homeland. Where are the Singhalese and Mahinda Rajapaksa in this picture? Don’t beg them, they are beggars, don’t beg him, he is a beggar too. TNA and TGTE must embark on mission to stop this welfare mentality. TNA and TGTE must stop dealing with the Singhalese government. What we need for Tamils is an economic model as practiced in Europe and America. The basic concept of Europe and America are to stimulate the creative side of the human mind to exercise their freedom through creative channels to self sufficiency and surplus. TNA must stop begging from the beggars who are begging all over the world. Don’t ask anything from Singhalese, in fact they want to steal from us, so might as well give it them. It is our deficient mentality that keeps us running to them, they don’t have it to give it to you. It is an illusion that we habour in our minds. Let me ask Sampanthan where does your pay cheque come from, my little son told me when you don’t have money go to the ATM machine. But Sampanthan is no little boy. That is what we are creating in Sri Lanka among Tamils, Singhalese are already done with it.. Sri Lanka was never a self respecting self dependent sovereign nation. It has been and always be a bowl holding pan handling nation. When gene pool from sheiks, sailors and soldier adulterate the pedigree what else other than Mahindas and Mervins can you expect? Sri Lanka government is looking for hand outs, grants, aids and loans. Nothing beyond. Tamil National Alliance is also asking for money from Tamil Diaspora. I saw an expense list of TNA, they have charged their lunch on the expense account, but you are paid by the government for your work. So it is ignorance. Now, what is the difference between a beggar and TNA? Every day the list gets bigger, therefore here is my offer to any one wants money from me, Come to my work place, I have plenty of work, I will pay you $100.00 per day for working with us, in one week you will have 700 dollars and in one year you will have $36500, I work 16 hours per day, 7 days per week, that means you can make $73000. ng. If every Tamil works like this, we don’t need this Singhalese , in fact they will come begging, in fact they are already doing it while some a plundering from Tamils. If every Tamil does what I said above, the Singhalese will change their names, Mahinda Rajapaksa will become Mahendran Rajapaksam, Singhalese will become Singhalam, Sri Lanka will become Tamilagam. Did you get the message?. Instead of telling the Singhalese this is what they have to do, you go begging the beggars. No decent Singhalese who has something to lose will go to war and plunder a people. It is the fault of the Tamil who live in artificial perception and flamboyant talking for they do not know that a man living on borrowed plumes looks better than a guy in loin cloth, but deep inside he is bankrupt. Sri Lanka is bankrupt and the politicians are bank-corrupt. If Mahinda is street smart we are street wise. Getting Freedom for Tamils is easy, if only we change our mindset and perception.Tamils must become prosperous like Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden and Canada. All Tamils have to do is to get up at 4.00am like I do and work till you make a profit. When you do that your freedom will be given in gold platter. TNA and TGTE please do not destroy our creative capacity, do go out on a wild goose chase and Diaspora do not give money except for investment. This is my plan for my people. There are several thousand Tamil do it every day, that is why you see them owning prime real estate in world class cities. My heart goes to the Singhalese people who were doctrine into Racism, fanaticism, barbarianism and soon it will be no surprise if they are lead into cannibalism. Singhalese people must join the Tamil in making their life better. From 15 the century till end of 19th century you lived like coolies, then from 1950-2010 lived like fanatics, next 500 years will be Chinese, Indians and who else. It is time for you think and think again. If the Tamils have to live with Singhalese we have to break the backbone of the fanatic establishment called Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes who have formulated a plan call mahavamsa. Tamils are fighting a numerically superior enemy powered by China, India, Iran, Pakistan to implement the plans of Mahavamsa. I may not be accurate in what I say, but the problem of Tamils have to be solved. I have to make mistakes to learn so that the subject becomes crystal clear in my mind. Until such time, we Tamils must work hard stay united and never ever give up. Thank you very muchMy name is Subramaniam masilamany, A Worldclass Tamil powered by Convictions, Commitments and Conscience

Friday, November 5, 2010




Let me make it very clear at the very outset about what I mean by creating wealth. It does not mean that how individuals manipulate, accumulate or rearrange already existing wealth for their own benefit. Quite the contrary, I mean how individuals can take the naturally available raw resources and convert them into new wealth, for the benefit of all citizens of the society. Everything is free except we add labour.

Money, the common denominator, is the total value of the all exiting wealth. Printing money without corresponding production will only lead to higher prices. More money chasing after fewer goods is called inflation and sometimes galloping inflation

Tamils must direct their energy towards this production side of the economy. Nothing happens, except inflation, till the farmer and the factories pick up their tools and create something tangible. The Sri Lankan problem is rooted in this inability of the Singhalese to see this. They think the Tamils are taking away their livelihood. With so much of natural resources, fantastic climatic and weather conditions and the vast resources of the Indian Ocean if they cannot formulate a national economic policy to provide decent standard of living to the Singhalese there is nothing the Tamils can do about it.

The Tamils understood the global nature of the world took advantage, moved out and spread all over the world where there is conducive environment for their creativity. Instead of following their initiative the Singhalese are bent on destroying Tamil will and determination. We feel sorry for them. Singhalese are trying to defy the natural laws. They will never succeed.

There is something else Singhalese can learn from Tamils too, the importance of family and its trans-generational structure. Japanese, Germans and Koreans are very strong in the family integrity so are the Tamils. No man can excel without a family. As we say in America behind every successful man there is very capable woman, it simply means a family. I run a successful tiny corporation, its secret is the support of my family and stability of the families of my associates. Can you relate to it? There is also another message for the Singhalese, stop messing with the Tamils; they are your best national asset. An intelligent and wise nation and leaders will preserve and foster them, but what you are doing is trying to destroy it. You will only destroy your self. Guaranteed. The Europeans and Americans are very wise in that they took the Tamils and have given them all facilities to create wealth.

Racism, Fanaticism and Barbarism has no place in any society, then why do the Singhalese foster and propagate it? However much we tell them it does not seep into their head. You have created 20 million people who are backward thinking. These people are now doing menial jobs in Middle East and servant’s jobs in the tourist industry while the Tamil are running governments, corporations and enterprises world over. Some one has to think.

Stealing from Tamils will only feed you a day, but if they can learn from Tamils and follow the saying of Confucius, “Give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day, but teach him to fish he will feed all his life. It is the same china man who is giving arms to kill innocent Tamils. Has the Chinese gone bonkers? Barbarism and Buccaneering has to stop or will be stopped.

What the Singhalese must understand is that burning and vandalizing ones educational institution is no way to raise the intellectual standard of your own Singhalese. Only an uncivilized barbarian will not know the value of the education, experience, enlightenment and wisdom. When the head of the nation does not condemn such acts he is either part of it or he is proliferating it. All flow of events indicating his connivance in such nefarious and narcissistic activities.

No nation can hope to proper under state sponsored narcissism and terrorism. These events are a clear indication why Tamil do not want to live with the Singhalese. Nowhere in the history there is any evidence of invading army destroying the sites of learning. When I called them barbarian some people objected to my categorization.

Now the world of people can see the difference between the two races, one is industrious and creative and other is indolent and destructive. The world has a responsibility to weed this kind of narcissism at its sprouting stages otherwise this may become a standard for rogue nations.

Subramaniam Masilamany

Monday, November 1, 2010

If the Tamil community is surging well in the international forum it is because of its inherent cultural features..!!!

| Moderator

The biggest challenge to a wise is to find a medium to communicate with an ignorant’
Subramaniam Masilamany

If the Tamil community is surging well in the international forum it is because of its inherent cultural features. May be Sri Lanka is too small a domain to accommodate such a vibrant and sometime positively virulent community based in and grounded on natural lawsWhat happened in Sri Lanka in 2009 was sad in some ways and good in very many ways. How did this community re-establish world wide by itself, while Sri Lanka is catering to Middle East maid service and room service to visiting tourists. I have no sympathy for Singhalese for they cannot catch the wave and surge with it. Tamils responded well, they did not react. Last two weeks I was in Europe to feel the pulse of the modern Tamil community. It is very heart warming. The Singhalese denied us the basic necessity of any civil society, which is education; we came out of the country and are surging beyond belief. There is no substitute for truth, honesty and determination. Barbarism and bribery are no substitutes. I met several young professionals and there was one particular Tamil who caught my attention. His name is English, he looks Caucasian, he is a surgeon in one of the famous hospitals in London, he is married to another English surgeon and he told me why are the Tamils giving up their cultural heritage and the cultural linkage? A very profound statement. There were a few Caucasian girls dressed in our traditional saree. There must be something magic and mystic in this culture. I am not only lucky but proud to be a Tamil. These young professionals serve as an inspiration to rest of the Tamils who did not get the opportunity to learn English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. Most of the first generation is working two to three jobs but the children are in the universities doing extremely well. This must serve as a lesson to Singhalese that you cannot bring down a man but you can climb up to his stature. All they did was to bring them down. For sixty years you tried to subjugate us in very many ways but now you have changed your tune due to international pressure. We will keep up the pressure. Unfortunately you cannot export barbarism worldwide to intimidate Tamils.Thutta (Bad behaviour) Gemunu was the cause of your decline for the last 2500 years, though there were eminent Singhalese kings who did civic improvements all you people remembered was Thutta (Bad behaviour) Gemunu! Now who have you made your national hero? Mahinda Rajapaksa, go back into his early boy hood and find out about him. So there you are next 2500 years of decline. Why is that the Singhalese have proved them to be barbaric? What is the world wide view of Singhalese? Uncivilized barbaric people. Who revived the old barbaric behaviour of Thutta Gemunu? Mahinda Rajapaksa. Don’t tell the world Mahinda Rajapaksa is clean decent moral man. If Jinadasa alias Yakkadaya the serial killer and Mervyn Silva the man behind several crimes are Mahinda's idols what will Mahinda become? This paragraph was meant to my Tamil friends who stand with their faces at the feet of Mahinda Rajapaksa for bread crumbs.These are the people who cannot make it in the western world. As we say in Canada, “You cannot simply fail in Canada”. But still there are few Tamils who cannot get up and stand for themselves who patronize a man who has no remorse. Mahinda Rajapaksa tried offensive means to subjugate the Tamils now he has hired a Public relations firm in London to defend his nation. Good wine needs no bush, Mr.Rajapaksa. If Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks that he is clean, then must allow him to be investigated by a body of people from the United Nations to prove his purity and cleanliness. But Tamils must keep up their pressure and progress. There must be constructive competition among the community for gold and gold medals. We must set very high standard for our kids in their own nature and nurture their nature. We must send our children and grand children to world renowned universities to become exemplary citizens; they must rise up professionally and politically occupying important position in world capitals and world governments.No Tamil should give into self pity, negative degradation, abusive people and arrogant non- descripts. No man born in a descent family will go to war, will abuse another citizen and will deny another man his birth rights to freedom. We Tamils are proud of our heritage, our families, our trans-generational characters and industrious nature. We Tamils do not mean any harm to any one, yet a few called us terrorists.The world knows who are the real terrorists, though the media may try to portrait a freedom seeking people as terrorists. Only a man who is lazy to work will seek livelihood by devious means. World knows who the barbarians are, but majority of people are self minding harmless civic souls.But Tamil people must be hopeful and hard working because every second another child is born in a dysfunctional family like among the Singhalese with the help of several Mahindas and Mervyns. I may be wrong but the world cannot be wrong, Singhalese are looked upon as Barbarians. I cannot change it; it is for the Singhalese people to reclaim their heritage through decent deeds. But if they keep promoting Thutta Gemunus centuries after centuries there is nothing we Tamils and the world can do about it.

In the mean time, Tamils must come together as one community, promote harmony and provide positive competition to foster the community to world class standards.And as I always say,” WORK HARD, STAY TOGETHER, NEVER EVER GIVE UP AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM BARBARIC PEOPLE”Subramaniam Masilamany, a world-class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and conscience