Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who said God is not there...Today, these days God does not waste time. he is online real time.!!!

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Who said God is not there

Who said God is not there...Today, these days God does not waste time. he is online real time. This man committed one of the worst crime in the human history, no sensible human being should condole because this man killed innocent people, you know who is next on line Sonya Gandhi. we don't have to do anything these days, God is among us. Every morning I prayed to God to give us the strength to vanquish this treacherous animal. I hope Sri Lankans become God fearing before they lift their finger against defenseless innocent Tamils. The beauty is Prabaharan is alive, he must be gloating. I hope Rajapaksa lives to fight this cancer for the next 20 years, let us see what can do. He must suffer every minute of his life. He must feel the sense of desperation of helplessness to exactly experience the suffering of innocent people.

So Dutta Gemunu No 2 is done with and I hope Singhalese people in Sri Lanka choose a different path, a path that respects human life and human rights, let them pick up the teachings of Buddha and become humans. I hope the Singhalese people stop harassing a numerically minority people. 20 countries and 2.5 billion people got together to kill 40,000 innocent people. That is wrong , not a single country lifted its head and say that is wrong, but God finally lifted his finger and said watch what I do to the hero. Cancer is dying slowly, he should suffer for 40,000 hours, one hour per innocent life.

If what I have said is wrong, I invite that person for an open forum.


Rajapakase under treatment: Suffering from cancer?

(January 24, Colombo, Sri lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse is on a private visit to the United States, and is reported to be staying with his brother Dudley Rajapakse in Houston. The Government, in typical fashion is silent over the reason for this very sudden and personal visit. However, the Colombo based media and a source in Houston have reported that he is suffering from a life threatening illness and one source says that he took treatment from a hospital in Houston.

According to the Sri Lankan media source based in London it was reported that that he took treatment from the MD Anderson Cancer Centre ( More Information) which is a partner institute of the University of Texas.

Reports of serious illness would explain why President Rajapakse took the risk of visiting the United States when there is every possibility that he could be charged with war crimes.

Apparently he is now out of danger and will be here in Colombo to attend the Independence Day ceremony.

Meanwhile the Tamil Against Genocide (TAG ) is filing a civil action on behalf of three plaintiffs in the Southern District Court of Texas charging the President Mahinda Rajapakse as liable under the doctrine of command responsibility for,

• the Trincomalee killing of 5 students (all nearly 20 years old awaiting University admissions),
• extrajudicial killing of 17 ACF workers, and
• the massacre of 40,000 Tamils in Vanni in 2009, and asking monetary damages for the plaintiffs,

the only possible redress available in a civil action.

This legal action will continue even if Mr Rajapakse finds a quick exit from the U.S

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