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“Is it the community isunited and the leaders are divided”

When I work ONLY for money and my own selfish purpose, sometimes, I getdiscouraged and sometimes disappointed. But when I do work to improve the livesof all of us I find myself enthused and exhilarated, I feel a sense ofrelaxation and satisfaction.

If every Tamil brother and sister, put aside our personal differencesand selfish motives, at least for a while unite in the name of our community wecan achieve a lot.

Rest assured that if you want to make a big slash in life, you have tobecome community oriented. The people who got rich from the Diaspora Tamil willwitness to it. When you meet a man, who is lonely and emaciated inquire abouthim and you will find that he lost his community, family and friends.

When I read the news about TGTE invited to the South Sudan freedom day celebrations, I wondered whythe other Tamils were not invited or correctly put why the other Tamils werenot incorporated.

The problem Tamil people face is not from outside, it is the lack ofcommunity coherence and adherence. Or is it the community is united and the leaders are divided?

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Massey Subra


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