Saturday, August 14, 2010

SINHALA AMBASSADOR..!!! What you say is that we must kill all Tamils, and then you are accepting that your government committed mass scale murders.!!!

| Moderator to Massey

SRI LANKA A NATION OF MISGUIDED INSECURE PARANOIDS.And a lesson to few of us as Canadians.

“The Singhalese in Sri Lanka has become a nation of mentally disturbed, distracted, distasteful, despicable and distrustful people” and a handful of Canadians are still living in the past hanging on to primitive mosaic of racism, fanaticism, caste, religion etc.

“To live is simple and to live with neighbours is a gift”. Being in Canada one of the most advanced country in Human rights is like living in Utopia; we treat every one and strangers as our family and friends. It makes life so easy. When someone cut me off I understand his need to go in a hurry, when some one cuts into checkout counter we say go ahead spend your money first. We have developed a culture with so many harmless humours to deal with people. People of this country have been conditioned to live with friendship. That is why every one wants to come here. We joke about our taxes knowing that the money ultimately comes back to the people. So there is culture of congeniality and co-operation. Why cannot other nations promote this kind of kinder and gentler society?

I was listening to the radio in Canada about the 500 or so people who escaped genocide and the Sri Lanka ambassador to Canada calling them terrorist. This lady must understand that these people have nothing to do with her country anymore. I hope this bigot gets the message. They have left their soil in which they were born and your people chased them out of the country so leave them alone. What are you trying to achieve? What are your objectives? What you say is that we must kill all Tamils, and then you are accepting that your government committed mass scale murders. I hope some of the media moguls in Canada who for some unknown reason take the side of the Singhalese in Sri Lanka. Two people quarrelling and you take one side. There are five reasons as I told one reporter earlier, Food, Sex, Money, Racism and Patriotism. Patriotism is ruled out. But the rumour is there is something more then mere reporting. This ambassador is contradicting her government position of reconciliation. This is not reconciliation this is outright disrespect for the suffering of people.

The Singhalese in Sri Lanka are fearful of India, not Tamils, Tamils are a small minority.
Singhalese should settle their grievances with India, not settle scores with the Tamil who speak Tamil and follow Hindu faith. Tamils, we are a minority. When a majority of people subjugate a minority of people it is genocide. There is insatiable thirst for racism among Singhalese and they were brainwashed by the Mahavamsa, Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes. Mahinda is the criminal element and the enforcer of the directives given by the Mahanayakes. The real power center is the fanatic organization called the MahaSangha. How do we remove this culture of racism supported by the state? What we need is something similar to what was done in Germany and Japan after world war 11. The leadership of Supreme Race put on trail and then sent to gallows. This has to be done in Sri Lanka. The Mahanayakes along with the criminal elements within the political establishment must be put to death by an International tribunal so that the nation can progress. People may not accept my views but then how many of us know where the root of the problem is?

There was a person on Toronto 680am Radio saying that it is waste of tax payers money.
But this country was built by immigrants and refugees who worked 16 hours a day for 7 days a week. A person who has really worked hard will never say what he said. I am pretty sure that this person has never had a real job creating wealth in his life. I am proud to be Tamil for we create wealth for all. Today they are illegal immigrants, tomorrow they will be washing dishes, cleaning office and working in menial jobs, but within 5 years their children will enter one of the best of universities in Canada come out as Doctors, Engineers, Investment bankers. Lawyers and other professionals. Then these Dishwashers will begin to buy the same restaurants and become owners. You see, a good seed will grow anywhere. “It is intel inside”

I came on April 23rd ,1979, that evening on the same day I stared working. Today I own my own Corporation, employing people, inventing new products, applying for patents, design and copy rights, became the President of Lions Club, entered the Canadian club, became a member of the list of distinguished citizens. But I also came to Canada like these boat people whom some of us despise. I am pretty sure the people who complain are the very people who milk our generous welfare system. A hard working man can and makes so much more money that this pogey money is like pittance. So don’t expose yourself, unwisely.

A very few Canadians, who are very uncomfortable with these people and because you look at people with the wrong prism which can only reflect colour of skin, race, culture language religion etc. May I suggest that you pick the prism that will show the internal intellect of these people. I mean loyalty, trust, sensuality, sincerity, diversity of intelligence, hope, faith and love; you will see a different people. It is time for people to move to a higher level of evolution.

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