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Your commitment to your community is your source of strength...WHAT EVERY TAMIL SHOULD DO, MUST DO AND OUGHT TO DO..!!! Moderator to Massey

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Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil.
Today my topic is


Let me say in one line:
“Your commitment to your community is your source of strength”

I asked a Honey bee, a Termite, an Ant or a Pigeon and they all told me their strength to survive despite their size are their inherent adherence to their community.

Therefore what every Tamil must do is to shed our differences and unite as one community. We must focus on our inherent intellect and build a formidable community displaying courage, esteem, respect and self reliance. We may have division of duties but not division of motives.

There is no point in talking strategies unless we are united. In the 1970s we should not have allowed so many divisions and infighting among various Tamil groups. If the objective is one then there cannot be conflicts within the community. So this time we should not allow or even support any division among our people. It is absurd to support partisan politics; it will hurt the community for the next 30-50 years. So let us get together and insist that there cannot be any ambiguity about the objectives.

Here is small true story, In 1970 I got a girl and a boy married and they came to Canada and I was delighted to taste the out come of my very small effort in 2010, after 40 years. They started in a few menial jobs and finally they both good jobs, the husband did his B.Sc, M.Sc and he became a regional director in the Ontario Government in Canada. Last Sunday when I met them after about 20 years they told me their son has become a doctor and the daughter has become a constitutional lawyer.

The moral of the story is two fold, one is I was able to help them in a very small way, but they did the rest of the foot work. But the most important aspect is that it took 40 years for the seed to bear fruits. The relevance of this story is that Tamils are wondering what future holds for them. They want answers today, right now. But it takes time. Let bygones be bygones. We are now rebuilding our community. It will take time and tremendous efforts besides don’t look at some one else to do it for you. You have to do your part.

Two of my friends told me that Tamils are going to be a lost race as long we remain divided. The question is what is dividing us, it is not who is dividing us. We all want our freedom. Then what is dividing us? There must some compelling reason to override the quest for freedom. Freedom is not something that can be bought over the counter, it is a hard fought battle. Tamils must understand that they are very capable people. They must ask themselves do they want a culture like Japan, Korea and Singapore or one like Sudan, Rwanda and Somalia. The problem is we have some remnants of the LTTE, EROS, EPLRF, and EPDP who are hampering our efforts. It is time to dissociate from such behaviour and build a world class community. I do not understand why even we entertain the Singhalese. I do not understand why some Tamils are stooping down to the level of people who are content with working as maids and bus boys. The problem is the uneducated and inexperienced among the Tamils are trying to hijack the community. I hope Tamil people wake up and realise that these are the enemies of the Tamils. Do Tamils have a proper leadership? I do not think so, leadership is about helping people, showing them the path way or show them what they have to do, what they must do, what they should do and what they ought to do.

Let us send a message to the Sri Lankan government that they have to deal with the educated and erudite among the Tamils. The Tamils Mahinda is thinking are not the modern Tamils. I do not know if Mahinda Rajapaksa has the necessary character to deal with us. We need new people among Singhalese. Thugs, murderers and terrorists are not good for negotiations. We should not, must not and ought not negotiate out of fear or out of desperateness. No man can take away your freedom of thought without your permission and no man can fathom your thoughts therefore there is no need to negotiate with an unreasonable enemy. What we have to do is to develop our faculties, facilities, factories, finances and families so that we present a formidable case for bargaining.

If the Singhalese have won the war, why are they continuing the war? It is because they are insatiable Satan for narcissism; they are a hateful race of people. They live and thrive on lie, larceny and violence.

Today, right now there are several things we should do, must to and ought to do. They are:

Unity and Fraternity
Defining our Heritage
Always staying United
Always helping another Tamil
Always standing up for your freedom and rights.
Helping another Tamil to educate.
Doing service to the community
Helping each other and the community
Having a sense of belonging
Having respect for another Tamil.
Learning to trust each other.
Removing fear from our minds.
Resolving all conflicts of interests.
Contributing to the development of culture and heritage.
Never ever betraying our community.
Finding a satisfying vocation.
Communicating with respect
Educating our children and ourself
Seeing our life in five generations
Not to forget our past.
Developing knowledge
Practicing peace and harmony
Acquiring Intelligence.
Building social capital
Acquiring Political capital.
Minding our health.
Leaving a legacy for the next generation.
Developing deterrence
Developing new knowledge
Leading the next generation.
Clear conscience.
Inventing new knowledge.
Being creative.
34. Cultivating fraternity

These are few of the “things to do” came to my mind but there is much more to be done.
Every Tamil must make it his vocations to do whatever it takes to rebuild our culture and heritage. It may take 30 years or even 60 years but it has to be done.
Freedom is journey not destination. There are no destinations in this infinite universe.

Tamils must not look for easy way out and there is no easy way out, that is why some innocent and naïve Tamils are with the enemy looking for today. You are not one of them. Some Tamils want to join Mahinda and his inferior people, why do I call them inferior people? Because they cannot behave like people of impeccable character. A mentally and morally stable and sound man will never resort to violence; he knows those are the worst enemies of a wise man. Tamil people must learn to identify the lower Tamils and discard them from our community. I am not claiming superiority but simply I apply the standard moral laws and find that some people simply do not belong to any community.

Thank you very much
My name is Subrmaniam Masilamany, A worldclass Tamil, powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.

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