Monday, May 17, 2010



TGTE and GTF must operate with extreme integrity and absolute transparency. Tamil people are becoming nervous and disappointed because of some irregularities in the way affairs are conducted. It is in no way compatible with our Nature and Culture. I hope the "elected" members of the Tamil parliament maintain absolute Honesty, Intergrity, Trust and Responsibility. You must because the regulators of resident countries will knock on your doors, and we will too. But we are with you.

Tamil culture is an exacting and error free culture. We feel it in our daily chores of conducting our lives. It is this nature that has pitted us against our neighbours who are merely approximate cultures.

Life as given to us is a serious business of managing every moment of our lives. One friend quipped that we are born with that faculty of knowing what is right and what is wrong but we are clouded with our ego, avarice, ambition and vanity. If we know that our life will end one day and whatever we have acquired through these faulty and flaky means will only benefit the world. I called to talk to my brother to inquire about his health and he is asking about the health of my business. I hope you got the point.
I am fortunate that I have picked up somewhere along my life that service to humanity is our only vocation, so I run my business to help my associates, customers, supplier and the society at large. I am in perfect health because Mother Nature wants me to be alive to serve more. Got the point people.

Let’s go back to Jaffna, the Jerusalem of the East and the Garden of Eden. Why do I keep calling this city by divine names, because the world must come to grip with the fact the seminal source of universal cornucopia is in trouble and no one wants to help rescue it. I hope the world powers will come to grip with this prophesy (cy).

But We Tamils have to reform our inner qualities from a grabbing culture to giving culture. When our generation grew up our parent taught us the thought of tithing.
That is one tenth of what you make you give away. We receive in proportion to what we give. At work we get paid for what work for. Work first pay later. And the people who gave more than what they get paid end up with the cornucopia, fountain of never ending wealth.

God has given me so much of time that sometimes I do not know what to do with it, so I found a vocation to reclaim the lost Tamil heritage, when we reclaim our heritage the whole world will benefit the way the Jews benefited the world. Instead of blaming others for our misfortune let us look within us to see where we prostituted our heritage.

Therefore our request to GTF and TGTE is to live up to our heritage of care and creativity. When we produce more than we need we build a better world. That is the world we have to build in South Asia. We have been endowed with an opportunity to spread among various cultures to refine our culture. Let’s do it.

I have send as an attachment 28 commandments for Tamils to live by, if some of you can improve, add or edit it, we will be very much thankful. We hope to distribute this to Tamil people worldwide.


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