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The very basic principle of unity and wealth creation...!!!

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Just over a century ago, millions of bison roamed the west. Herds numbering in the tens of thousands would follow the lead bull across the vast prairie and through rugged mountain passes. For in the animal kingdom, the most powerful animal leads. His determination blazes a trail for the all to follow.

Among the humans, that head strong man has to set the path for the others to follow. It is not the physical path but the moral one for man is an animal with the mind of morals. For Tamils, we have come up with a set of morals that will lighten up our milestones to freedom and prosperity.

Every human needs freedom to pursue his or her own natural desires within an organised community. Did the Tamils ever have unity or a leader who is willing to bring all people together? Nay. So after struggling for more than 2500 years here we have an opportunity and a dire need to find a common leadership protocol.

The TGTE and GTF are a just another distraction to our direction. When did the Jewish people unite? When they were about to be wiped out. Not only they united but they got the moral world behind them. They produced some fantastic men in science, technology and in every known field.

How can there be division among Tamil when we all face the same fate of destruction and obliteration? It is our lack of maturity? Or is it our greed that is blinding our faith. When will we discover that we need a community?

As it is, the community is in total disarray here among Diaspora and there in our motherland. So then the Jewish people came up with a set of rules for the Jewish people to follow. Why don’t we come up with a set of rules to follow? Man cannot lead man but the morals and especially the Tamils are like horses, not donkeys or even mules.

We as a race has to change from inward looking selfish people to outward looking community people. When will fish discover water? When will Tamils discover community? If not now, we will never. The TGTE and GTF must come together and reached out to the Tamil with a common agenda instead of selfish and partisan politics.

Guaranteed it is, the moment we see any prostitution of policies we will ask the resident governments to proscribe them. In Canada Criminal code 83 has listed several Tamil organizations as terrorist organization; all they have to do is just add TGTE and GTF. Hope they don’t let that happen. If any Tamil is innocently ignorant about the laws of the land, they must seek out the knowledge. Ignorance of the law is no excuse

Do you want that to happen then behave the way you are or else come up with a unified focussed plan to bring all Tamil people together? What we need are well defined objectives that will fit everyone. The objective is a nation for the Tamils and then let us work out a plan and then follow the plan.

Hard and diligent work has brought us this far but if we unite we can go further.

1+1 = >2

The very basic principle of unity and wealth creation.

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