Friday, November 12, 2010

I have CA $ 5000 ready for you but you must guarantee that money will be repaid into a fund that can be lent to another needy family, but not to me.! Moderator to Massey

Thamby Rajan,

Let me explain something and then I will make my offer. In the year 1977, I left Sri Lanka, landed in Paris France. For three days I slept on the streets. No food, no language,no money.
On the third day an elderly lady asked me if I would come and work her. I did not ask her what job it is, how much money it will pay. I wanted something to eat and sleep. On the first day she paid me 20 francs and of course food. One week later she got me job as a house servant in rich family.

I worked 16 hours a day as a house boy cleaning, cooking, baby sitting, dog walking etc.For two years I did that. Then I came to Canada. started better as a security guard. Then I was hired in a small factory to clean and fill chemicals. I worked so hard, Dr. McSorley, my boss told me that I told him a lie and he further said you must be much more qualified than what you told me. I told him sir. I needed job, any job, so I lied. He said, oh no no, that is okay, but can you be by lead hand? I sure why not. Then 6 months later the foreman left, I became the foreman, then one year later, the chemist left I became the chemist, then Dr McSorley left, the other partner asked if I could run the manufacturing department. I did well. then the Old man wanted to retire so he asked me to buy the business. I did not have the money so he sold it some one else. That some one else didn't like me, so I quit and started my own business. That was 30 years ago.

Read this part carefully, I borrowed money from the bank to buy a home, buy a car, start a business. I paid them all. Think what would have happened if the bank just gave the money to be as welfare or gift or aid or hand out to me. I would not have developed any respect for money, others most important to myself. Today my people may be struggling, I understand that I am willing to help. But look at the Palestinians, a welfare nation. How did that happen? Easy money.

Please do a great favour to us, whatever money you give must be a loan, may be forgivable if unforeseen disaster strikes. Okay to give it today, but it must be repaid. If you don't do that they will keep asking, we will keep giving.

I drive 1993 Honda accord, which my mechanic says he does not want to repair any more. I have a cell phone 15 years old, I wear clothes discarded by one sons, I sleep on a mat, In the morning to beat the traffic I have to leave home before 5.59am. Then I come, work like hell, when I am writing this email the time is 6.32 pm. How many hours have gone? 12 hours, work is not finished, I won't go home till 9.00pm, that is almost 16 hours. double shift.

Don't I have family? Yes I do, but I don't have family because I have to make enough money to pay the bills. Now who needs help here. I am 67 years old but I still put in 16 hours per day, 7 days per week, 3651/4 days.

I suggest you a great idea, come and work with me, I will pay you $100 per day, in a week $700. in one year 36500 dollars.Then see if you will throw away money in the black hole.
36500 dollars is 3650000 rupees give or take a few thousand.

I am not against helping my people, giving free money is no help it is just the opposite they will never come out of this black hole. You may call me a new American imperialist but if you see the number of hours we put in we are the people who give people hope, encouragement, self esteem and self respect.

I have every means to live in a mansion, buy a Benz, dress like Casanova, and throw away parties, but if you come to my home every thing is measured, we don't open the water tap wide, we don't boil water more than what is needed. We buy where things are cheap, we use coupons, pick pennies from parking lots. Then why would I and other like me throw money into black Hole.
I have never been to Sri Lanka, I will never go into a country that made me a refugee. No man with self respect, self esteem step into a country that treated him like garbage.

Again I reiterate, I have $5000 dollars ready for you but you must guarantee that money will be repaid into a fund that can be lent to another needy family, but not to me. I told this to TNA and I have not heard from them. They are our legally elected representatives. If they charge their lunch to my sweat and blood account then there is something fundamentally wrong.

Therefore Thamby, find some one who can manage money, I will get millionaires and billionaire to come to the rescue of our people, your people my people.Things may be bad, but this is the only way to make it better. My concvictions and my conscience tell me that I must genuinely help my people to come out of this dungeon they are locked into.

No harm intended, if I am wrong please let me know

Subramaniam Masilamany



Dear All,

Please see the attachment,and forward it any body who could assist us in this project to help the affected people.
We can connect you direct to the affected families, until some body register and start. 15 months have past
since the war was over but we haven't done much to help these people,please see the attachment below its only a sample
of many people's situation there.We are working with NGO registered in north&east.we have got the details of
nearly 1000 families collected from very reliable sources,which we can give it to anybody to contact them directly,and help them.

if need further information,please contact me on 0208 424 9297


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