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If the Tamil community is surging well in the international forum it is because of its inherent cultural features..!!!

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Subramaniam Masilamany

If the Tamil community is surging well in the international forum it is because of its inherent cultural features. May be Sri Lanka is too small a domain to accommodate such a vibrant and sometime positively virulent community based in and grounded on natural lawsWhat happened in Sri Lanka in 2009 was sad in some ways and good in very many ways. How did this community re-establish world wide by itself, while Sri Lanka is catering to Middle East maid service and room service to visiting tourists. I have no sympathy for Singhalese for they cannot catch the wave and surge with it. Tamils responded well, they did not react. Last two weeks I was in Europe to feel the pulse of the modern Tamil community. It is very heart warming. The Singhalese denied us the basic necessity of any civil society, which is education; we came out of the country and are surging beyond belief. There is no substitute for truth, honesty and determination. Barbarism and bribery are no substitutes. I met several young professionals and there was one particular Tamil who caught my attention. His name is English, he looks Caucasian, he is a surgeon in one of the famous hospitals in London, he is married to another English surgeon and he told me why are the Tamils giving up their cultural heritage and the cultural linkage? A very profound statement. There were a few Caucasian girls dressed in our traditional saree. There must be something magic and mystic in this culture. I am not only lucky but proud to be a Tamil. These young professionals serve as an inspiration to rest of the Tamils who did not get the opportunity to learn English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. Most of the first generation is working two to three jobs but the children are in the universities doing extremely well. This must serve as a lesson to Singhalese that you cannot bring down a man but you can climb up to his stature. All they did was to bring them down. For sixty years you tried to subjugate us in very many ways but now you have changed your tune due to international pressure. We will keep up the pressure. Unfortunately you cannot export barbarism worldwide to intimidate Tamils.Thutta (Bad behaviour) Gemunu was the cause of your decline for the last 2500 years, though there were eminent Singhalese kings who did civic improvements all you people remembered was Thutta (Bad behaviour) Gemunu! Now who have you made your national hero? Mahinda Rajapaksa, go back into his early boy hood and find out about him. So there you are next 2500 years of decline. Why is that the Singhalese have proved them to be barbaric? What is the world wide view of Singhalese? Uncivilized barbaric people. Who revived the old barbaric behaviour of Thutta Gemunu? Mahinda Rajapaksa. Don’t tell the world Mahinda Rajapaksa is clean decent moral man. If Jinadasa alias Yakkadaya the serial killer and Mervyn Silva the man behind several crimes are Mahinda's idols what will Mahinda become? This paragraph was meant to my Tamil friends who stand with their faces at the feet of Mahinda Rajapaksa for bread crumbs.These are the people who cannot make it in the western world. As we say in Canada, “You cannot simply fail in Canada”. But still there are few Tamils who cannot get up and stand for themselves who patronize a man who has no remorse. Mahinda Rajapaksa tried offensive means to subjugate the Tamils now he has hired a Public relations firm in London to defend his nation. Good wine needs no bush, Mr.Rajapaksa. If Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks that he is clean, then must allow him to be investigated by a body of people from the United Nations to prove his purity and cleanliness. But Tamils must keep up their pressure and progress. There must be constructive competition among the community for gold and gold medals. We must set very high standard for our kids in their own nature and nurture their nature. We must send our children and grand children to world renowned universities to become exemplary citizens; they must rise up professionally and politically occupying important position in world capitals and world governments.No Tamil should give into self pity, negative degradation, abusive people and arrogant non- descripts. No man born in a descent family will go to war, will abuse another citizen and will deny another man his birth rights to freedom. We Tamils are proud of our heritage, our families, our trans-generational characters and industrious nature. We Tamils do not mean any harm to any one, yet a few called us terrorists.The world knows who are the real terrorists, though the media may try to portrait a freedom seeking people as terrorists. Only a man who is lazy to work will seek livelihood by devious means. World knows who the barbarians are, but majority of people are self minding harmless civic souls.But Tamil people must be hopeful and hard working because every second another child is born in a dysfunctional family like among the Singhalese with the help of several Mahindas and Mervyns. I may be wrong but the world cannot be wrong, Singhalese are looked upon as Barbarians. I cannot change it; it is for the Singhalese people to reclaim their heritage through decent deeds. But if they keep promoting Thutta Gemunus centuries after centuries there is nothing we Tamils and the world can do about it.

In the mean time, Tamils must come together as one community, promote harmony and provide positive competition to foster the community to world class standards.And as I always say,” WORK HARD, STAY TOGETHER, NEVER EVER GIVE UP AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM BARBARIC PEOPLE”Subramaniam Masilamany, a world-class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and conscience

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