Friday, October 8, 2010


Obstacles YES, Obstructions NEVER, Discussions YES, Disputes NEVER- Subramaniam Masilamany

We have achieved something very significant. 20 countries and 3 billion people got together and severed our head off, but the chicken kept running around, it did not die. That was then in May 2009. This is now, the chicken got it head back within 15 months that shows to the world that we are a race of people who never ever give up. Few Tamils are like the trouble makes in a stadium booing at the players but the players do not pay any attention. We must also remember not to pay attention, but must invite them to participate and make their contribution. These people are Tamils, not any one else. Here is my challenge to those who are against the Tamils to come forward and offer a better solution to our dilemma. We Tamils must become magnanimous and support every effort that is made to free our people. Lets accept TGTE as the government and others like GTF in the UK and Tamil Congress in Canada and others to form the opposition to this government. If you think you have a better solution offer to the people. They can run an election and prove to us that they got more votes than TGTE then we will support you. Be a true opposition but don't be an obstruction. As it is, others have to organize their own election and show us that they got something better. BUT stop bickering and exposing your weakness, only a weak man talks from his easy chair. Come out, go on the media, there are several ways and expose and express yourself, instead of hatching conspiracies and coups. So any one who is not with TGTE can prove to us that you have a better solution, if you don't have one please come join us, but don't spoil the pride and esteem of your future generation. I asked a friend of mine to help me to purchase a computer to be sent to Sri Lanka for Our Tamil people, My Tamil people, His Tamil people and I told him it will go through TNA, our only elected legal representatives he said I don't want to do it. Because he is against TNA, then who else do we have in Sri Lanka? This man is an anti-Tamil. Why? he does not know his identity, he has no identity, he is neither Singhalese nor Canadian. He is a non descript. He is drifting like ship without a captain, a sail, a rudder and a compass. We also must learn to accept the views of people.He is good, she is okay, so and so is bad are discriminatory attitudes. Look at it this way, if you think you are right, then I cannot be wrong, because in my own way I am right and you are wrong. Accepted? So stop judging people and see the goodness in them. We are all very intelligent and capable in our own way. Instead of looking for smartness look for what way someone is smart. I am smart in helping people, you are smart in math, she is smart is raising a family. When we look at people from their smartness we accept every one. This is something Tamils have to learn. I asked a Tamil surgeon, are you are smart surgeon? no my mother wanted me to be surgeon. It is like asking acorn to be a red wood instead of an oak.( Acorn is the seed of an Oak) I had my reservation about TGTE, but they have done a marvelous job, it is a good beginning, now every Tamil must participate and make sure it is improved, the officers stay within their mandate and there is no abuse of the system. Democracy works when all participate. I showed this constitution to several of my non Tamil friends and they were amazed to see that we were able to formulate a constitution. IT IS A WIN FOR ALL TAMILS ALL OVER THE WORLD.


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  1. Great Masi! We shd Unite our people towards freedom,justice,safety,security,equality,peace as well as progress/prosperity/harmony!