Monday, October 11, 2010

We kindly request all other organisations to recognize TNA and TGTE as our supreme will of the people.!!! Moderator to Massey

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Tamil National Alliance and Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam“Two pillars of Tamil Renaissance”

To destroy a community take away their ability to think,To take away their thinking take away their educationTo take away their education take way their scripts and literatureTo take away their literature take away their schools and libraries. Tamil National Alliance and Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam are the only two ELECTED bodies of the Tamil people. One for the Global Tamils and one for the Tamils in our motherland. Any one who disputes these two legally elected bodies must prove to the Tamil people that they have the mandate from the Tamil people to make any claims. We are saddened by the position of a few people who do not want to believe in democracy, I do not think Tamils as community of people will ever approve autocratic or monocratic form of governance; Tamils are basically like the Europeans and Americans who love their freedom. Creativity, some people call it capitalism, is not possible without freedom. The Tamil National Alliance in our motherland must undergo transformation and a paradigm shift from one of entirely political in nature waiting for the Singhalese to grant your freedom that will never happen to one of self managed institution. The thinking process and mindset must change and instead of looking at Colombo for your solution take advice from the wealth of experience of Diaspora for economic and financial freedom of Tamils. Remember the time tested maxim, “Man who control men will only controls men, but the one who controls the money controls them all” Think about it for moment, it is the money as a common denominator and store of value and power is the ultimate determinant of the rise and fall of the empires and the fate and fortune of people. Tamils shall rise again. No person, no family, no community and no government are viable without money and people are the source of that money. In the case of Tamils in our motherland Diaspora can provide the TNA with funds for investment but not for consumption. As it is TNA and every one else is demanding consumption money, when I suggested to set up an institution to lend money, which is to be repaid, they all went silent. I think we are encouraging the creation of another Palestine in Asia. I want Tamils to be careful how their money is invested or wasted. All Diaspora money must be channel through a financial institution that can lend the money to be repaid. The success of rich countries is due to their money management and their stringent control over loans. We have to educate our politicians. We will educate both TGTE and TNA. The success of Canada is not its natural wealth but its tough financial regulations. The TNA must for all funds received, issue TNA designated bonds as the security for the money. People who borrow money from TNA must repay. Diaspora do not spoil the people, do not spoil the politicians. That is why I said we need a paradigm shift and a new paradigm for Tamils. TNA must become responsible and response-able institution An advice from America to TNA, there is no political freedom without financial freedom. As we say “If the vault is full of gold even the saint will get the idea” Therefore lets us all get together and become economically, technologically and financially like Japan, Korea or Germany. And you will see how the hatred turns into happiness and how fast some people change their alliance.Man thinks with his stomach not with his brain. As Napoleon said, “An army travel on its stomach”. War, pestilence and famine are bad but the worst is famine. We also kindly request all other organisation to recognize TNA and TGTE as our supreme will of the people, the elected members are different, they can be removed. Do not confuse TGTE with its elected members. One suggestion is other organisations can form the constructive opposition. And a small advice to those who create turbulence in unlawful manner, please beware that you are under the laws of the resident nations and we request that you obey the law of the resident nation and United Nations. If you are living in Canada, please refer to the Criminal code 430, which deal extensively with Mischief. I am sure the same law with some variation is applicable in very many countries. As I always say, Work Hard, Stay together and Never ever give up”

And as you all know me, I am Subramaniam Masilamany, a world class Tamil
powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.

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