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Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam !!! A new leadership paradigm for Tamils.!!!

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Transnational Government of Tamil EelamA new leadership paradigm for Tamils

worldwide Democracy is a dumb slave without its master, people are the masters. The finger is still the most powerful instrument of change, what pulled the trigger yesterday, pushes the key board today. -Subramaniam Masilamany Good News, we have got an institution and its constitution in place that can be made to lead us to freedom. After May 2009, Tamils were at a loss to as what future holds for them, young boys sat weeping, some people died in shock. But now we have something that we can work on, hope to, harp around and hang on to, so let us all unite and make it work. We were like a ship with out captain, sheep without a shepherd and chicken without the mother. But now we got something to look up onto. In 1897 Jewish people made a decision to regain their mother land but it was not until 1948 they realised their dream, that was 60 years and 2 generations later. But they got it. We will get it too. No Tamil should have any doubt about it. First we have to win this in our hearts and minds. We have to believe in it first. When we believe in it we will see. Nobody is going to do it for us, we have to do it. This constitution of TGTE may not be the most perfect in the world, it may be the least perfect, but we have something to improve upon. It is the duty of all of us, for and against, to make it better by making their contribution. Do you want to be nay sayer or you want to be a contributor? It is totally a democratic process, leaders can be impeached and or removed, so dispel your fears about it. We are the guardians. Some people try associate the TGTE with the members, but the TGTE has is own body and sprit, it is a corporate body with its own mind. That is what a constitution is. We must learn to differentiate people from body politic. Body politic is sacred but the people can be sacked and replaced. If the elected members become incompatible with the body politic they have to be replaced and they will be replaced. So let us accept TGTE as our supreme will and any one or any organization, with the consent of the majority of people, can replace the members. Accepted? We don’t have to protect and preserve the elected members, but the body politic has to be preserved. I think lots of Tamil think both TGTE and the elected members are one and the same, yes when the mind of the members and the mind of body politic are the same then there is convergence, confluence, congregation and congruence. The congregation thus become an invincible body. I hope I am clear. Let me explain some thing mystical and magical, I am a creator of wealth, so here is my proof of strength in harmony and unity. When we all unite, first positive out come is we do not lose, actually we all gain, how much do we gain? We all gain more than what we would have gained alone on our own. I may gain little more than you, but you have gained more than what you would have gained alone on your own. We all gain, some may gain more than others but that is irrelevant you have gained more than what you would have gained on your own. When we all gain it adds to composite gain index, when the composite index rises we all reap more. Self preservation is the core of the matter. There is another paradigm shift that has to happen, instead of looking what TGTE can do for you, ask what you can do for the TGTE? Okay, let us make it easy on you, what are you ready to contribute other than money? Can you write to them and say here is good idea or here is a project that will improve our socioeconomic condition of Tamils etc. Don't be an instigator of disharmony, but be a helper, be a sincere friend. TGTE is for you, TGTE is not for the elected members. We got it, let us improve on it, that is our motto. It is a democratic institution which you can change. So if you think you can do a better job, get in and show us that you can do it. Dear Tamils we have achieved something very significant. 20 countries and 3 billion people got together and severed our head off, but the chicken kept running around, it did not die. That was then in May 2009. This is now, the chicken got it head back within 15 months that shows we are world class people who never ever give up. Some people are skeptical but to them here is my challenge come forward and offer a better solution to our dilemma. We Tamils must become magnanimous and support every effort that is made to free our people. Lets accept TGTE as the government and others like GTF in the UK and Tamil Congress in Canada and others to form the opposition to this government. If you think you have a better solution offer to the people. They can run an election and prove to us that they got more votes than TGTE then we will support you. Be a true opposition but don't be an obstruction. As it is, others have to organize their own election and show us that they got something better. Come out, go on the media, there are several ways and expose and express yourself. So any one who is not with TGTE can prove to us that you have a better solution, if you don't have one please come join us. I had my reservation about TGTE, but they have done a marvellous job in presenting this constitution, it is a good beginning, now every Tamil must participate and make sure it is improved, the officers stay within their mandate and there is no abuse of the system. Democracy works when all participate. Therefore all Tamils must participate and make it work for us. This is a vehicle to our freedom, but PARTICPATION AND ACTION are required. Let us be an example to other democracies where people vote and wait, that is not democracy, that is handing over your rights and responsibility to some one else. Let us all participate and show that democracy works better when people participate. TGTE is not autocratic, closed institution, it is open to all and is a responsible body, you can by vote remove any one and replace with a much capable person. It is as democratic as it can get, but it is just the beginning and we have to make it better, effective, efficient and responsible, respondable and responsable. I showed this constitution to several of my non Tamil friends and they were amazed to see that we were able to formulate a constitution. Rest assured that we will get the whole world to come around and cheer us. IT IS A WIN FOR ALL TAMILS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Let us all unite under one constitution and one institution. TGTE must be an open forum where every Tamil must have a say. They can take is as an advice or as a warning. This is the century of the key board with Intel inside. And as I say always, Stay together, Work Hard and Never Ever give up. Thank you for listening

My name is Subramaniam Masilamany,
a world-class Tamil powered by Convictions, Commitments and Conscience.

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