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TAMIL FUTURE:Some points which have happen in the course of the last 2 years which is important to keep in Mind.!!!

Athithan Jayapalan

Some points which have happen in the course of the last 2 years which is important to keep in Mind.

The Sri Lankan State and its Armed Forces Bans INGO’s and ’free media’ from the North and East during the conduct of the Last war. Massive civilian Casulties, uptil 20 000 dead, and international red cross state that 75- 80 % of the ca 350 000 IDP’s who went into Government established ’wel fare camps’ from the war ravaged area, had bullet and sharpnel wounds.
Freedom of movement is dictated by Army and GOSL, INGO activity is severely restricted and media have no acces into these Internment camps – only army orchestrated visit tours were the means foreign officials and media could enter these camps.
GOSL state noe civilians was killed, Rajapakse says ’our soldiers went into the battlefield with the geneva conventions in the one hand and weapon in the other’. Gotabaye Rajapakse later claims the minimal estimation done by U.N of 7000 civilians killed during the last months, were in fact LTTE cadres. These are some elements which indicates the stance taken and maintained by the GOSL.
Vast Money used to prepared to orchestrate the Victory day event on may 2009 but had to do preparations again due to heavy rainfail in June 19, To facilitate the IFFA and in towards end of 2009 the building of new vesaks, expansion of military HQ and The raising of the monuments to commemmorate the fallen Sri Lankan Army Soldiers.
100 000 army personell are alotted land to ploy in the north, while most of the realesed IDP’s (if 80 000 is remaining now, then 240 000 have been released) from the welfare camps have not been assisted in identifying their native places and in assiting in rebuilding livlihood opportunities and restablishing educational facilities. Those released and remaining in Vanni have only been given plastic sheet, some nominal amount of money(only accesable to those who reached Unicief Booth in time), and tin roof to accomidate their steps to ’rebuild their lifes’.
The Sri Lankan State attempts to paint a picture of ’Problems gone and reconcilation underway’ wihtout even given regoniction to the Tamil communities in Vanni and Mannar who have lost loved ones. The first step towards reconcilation is to give acknowdlgement and recogonition to those civilians who have been killed during the last phase of war. Then the second Step be give justice by taking juridicial prosecution of those Responsible for those deaths( As the complete top level leadership of LTTE is Dead, the atrocities alledgedly comitted by the Ltte can not be Proscecuted). Only then can true platform for reconciliation be estbalished and genuine effort be taken.
State sponsored colonialization of Vanni, Eastern and Northern areas of Sri Lanka(Traditional tamil areas/Homeland) by Sri Lankan Army, Southern Farmers and businesses(who are predominantly Sinhalese) is beeing prioritized, over the rebuilding of tamil IDP’s livlihood and educational oppurtunities(this is also explain the lack of fund and capital to the latter). This has to be stopped and the rebuilding the lifes of locals of the war ravaged North and East should be priotized and adequate step to be taken to ensure this.
Closed areas as Vanni and Mullethivu should be opened for international monitoring and investigation of war crimes. The rhetoric of anti imperialism and neo colonolism employed by GOSL is an fasade, as Nimal Rajapakse head IMF and Asian development Bank funded projects in north and Special economic zones are estabished in Mannar,East,Jaffna and vanni to encourage and actively attract foreign investors and Trans national Companies.
Foreign mediation and monotoring of the ’Rehabilitation’ of 11 000 ex-ltte cadres must be allowed, to ensure that extra judicial persecution and execution won’t happen in the time ahead, and if occured prior to such an transparency securing effort, investigations should be undertaken again monitored by internation and third party elements(as The Judicial system is heavily institutionally biased against anti state elements and esp the tamil population, as shown by the impunity perpetuated since 1951 against those involved in the numerous anti tamil riots, the violent crackdown of JVP insurrections in 1971,1988-1989, and in the counter insurgency war in North and East since 1979).

What can be Done in the the times to comes by the tamil Diasphora:

To engage in rebuilding efforts in North and east of sri Lanka, by focusing on Village level rebuilding of livlihood, education and overall economy.
To contribute with whatever means possible and reasonable(without The GOSL directing or allocating the money or human capital beeing used to such efforts, monitoring by GOSL affiliated NGOS and insitutions raise also question as persecution of those involved in such acitivities is not secured against and the culture of impunity in the Sri Lankan state) in rebuilding efforts of the war raved communities of North and East.
To pursue the task of bringing about an internationally led investigation of War crimes and persecution of those held and proved responsible.

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