Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who will kill the geese that lays golden eggs. Time for a sea change and mind change...!!!

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I am a relentless worker. I still remember two events ZEROS AND BAD FAILURES. In my junior kindergarten, that vivid picture is still in my mind. Miss Nagamany, who was my teacher giving me double zero for arithmatics. Then I remember in my 5th grade , it was always bad failure. There is nothing below "Zero" and nothing below "Bad Failure". So I knew what I have to do to make a living. HARD WORK. So I got into this habit, since my age of 30, I have put in about 190,000 hours.That is the hand I was dealt with.

So I come to work early, and leave very late. I am the first one in, last one out. "FILO", First In Last Out.I am doing okay now. In the same building as I am, XEROX, the document company has one of its office. At XEROX works another Sri Lankan from the South specifically from Kurunagala. Probably he noticed that I come before him and leave after him. Now I see him coming early and started leaving late. I always reverse park my car so that I am one step always ahead, I fill my car with gasoline on my home not on my way to work, always little bit ahead of others. He also started reverse park his car.What does it tell you? When you work and really work hard others notice it and want to follow you. That is called role modeling.

What does this tell you.

1) If it was in Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa would have told this man go destroy my business, because he is a Tamil. Don't give me cock and bull stories.

2) Being in Canada, the government is pro-business, so it does not matter who owns the business, as long as employment is created and taxes are paid.

3) Mahinda Rajapaksa and his monkeys will think I am funding terrorism, so I should be shut down.

Singhalese people are like any other people, 23 pair of chromosomes, but they have among them misguided people who have got into power. But this man who works for XEROX is guided by the great American philosophy give people freedom and they will make wonders. They also believe in that prosperity is the only path way to sustain freedom.

Now where is Sri Lanka? Who is Mahinda Rajapaksa? We all know who he is, but he is innocent until proven guilty, that day is not too far.His brother Gothabaya has accepted on International media that he will kill. So he has "pleaded guilty".

What can the Tamils do? We have show the Singhalese people, who have been misguided for 2553 years to become modern people. Like the Singhalese man who works for XEROX, who has taken a clue from me that he too can be prosperous. This is what we have to do in Sri Lanka, show the people of the South that People from the North are a great asset not a nuisance or liability. And my advice to TNA and others ask the Singhalese "What can we do for you than What can you do for us". John F.Kennedy.

Mr.Sampnathan please ask Mahinda Rajapaksa, "Brother, What can I do for you". That is the day the Singhalese people will turn around and say, how comes a guy who scored ZEROS AND BAD FAILURES have to teach us what we all have not been taught.

A smaller reminder to my Tamil compatriots, in South Asia the most prosperous community are Tamils, so it is our responsibility to make sure some of that prosperity seep into rest of the region making them all prosperous.India is poor, Pakistan is poorer, Bangla Desh is poorest. Singhalese are doing little better because of the Tamil presence.

Who will kill the geese that lays golden eggs. Time for a sea change and mind change

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