Friday, December 3, 2010

SL-TAMIL FUTURE: Our concerns under Short, Medium & Long term...!!!

Dear Shan,

Further to your request, I have given below our concerns under Short, Medium & Long term.


1. IDP/detainees(recent/long term)

2. Return/resettlement

3. Fundamental rights

4. Muslim IDPs

5. Missing/disappeared

6. Freedom of movement

7. High Security Zones-demilitarise

8. Transitional camps

9. Choice and representation re: return

10. Land grab

11. Violence/security/arms

12. Transparency


Rule of law/governance
2. 17th amendment for independent oversight of police, judiciary etc

3. Restoration of civilian administration

4. Livelihoods/reconstruction

5. Reconciliation

6. 13th Amendment/APRC

Administration of justice/policing
Land Rights
Culture of Impunity


New fundamental principles
Addressing aspirations
Living together (pluralism)
Identity maintenance and development
Equitable development
Acceptable political solution

We should avoid mixing our concerns; unfortunate people should come first.

Hope these will be of some use in your efforts.


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